Finally, The President Is Not Above The Law

What Democrats Meant Was Only Republican Presidents… So Queue The Obama, Biden, and Bush II Prosecutions

The U.S. Supreme Court decision on presidential immunity has been handed down, at least in part, and it is momentous in today’s political antagonism and discourse. Of course, it’s being spun as whether it helps or hurts Trump and his cases, which is shortsighted and limited.

The Supreme Court’s role is to seriously and deeply consider the cases before them with a view to their long-term impact. They must rule on the law and, in some cases, precedent. Another element is considering what this decision does in reference to our existing body of law going forward. Way forward. This is why you want learned, deliberative, serious judges who take their time.

I must say, I am very impressed with this decision.

Despite my general misanthropy and growing disappointment—leading to disdain—for what the “land of the free” has become, this is a glimmer of hope. Perhaps this crazy system they came up with a long time ago might actually work in the long run.

We’ll see.

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