Kill the Dog

Get your kicks. We’ll, I can’t argue that it’s the same as murdering a human being.

It’s not.

On the other hand, what it is is the destruction of a highly prized value; a value that someone has pursued, acquired, nurtured, loved, admired, enjoyed, and reflected upon countless times.

We don’t have kids. We have dogs, and I’d not presume in a million years to assert to someone that our dogs are on any level commensurate with their children. Still, such logic doesn’t begin to penetrate the wall of loss and rage I would personally feel if my values were dealt with in such a cavalier manner — just so that someone of G.I. fashion can get their jollies.

Fuck them all to hell. My hate and loathing for such "people" — every single one — knows no bounds.

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  1. Ironbear on February 25, 2007 at 13:20

    "We'll, I can't argue that it's the same as murdering a human being."

    Ayup. I tend to like most dogs and cats better than I do most human beings, so it's worse.

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