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Theory To Practice Is Changing Everything

By nature we continually seek a narrative, or storyline, that’s comfortable and workable to and for us; we hold onto it. We promote and advance it, teach it to our children and grandchildren. We celebrate generational solidarity to the narrative.

Generally, it’s a very successful survival strategy…and it must be understood that a minuscule percentage of peoples on Earth—who’ve ever lived—and even in the last few hundreds of years—ever got an opportunity to be exposed to Enlightenment principles (not perfect; but a sea-change change: from belief and learned, to evidence and testing). Much less have more than a relative handful percentage of people who’ve ever lived had the opportunity to test such principles and their results amidst life in a modern society.

It’s not the purpose of this newsletter to explain why, only identify.

…Every human that has ever lived is an experimental laboratory equipped with the very one thing essential to all of them: a human mind. The critical distinction is that very few do original exploration. Most simply default to the narrative they were taught as their brains were forming…never testing it against false, or something better for them. That world is changing, and certain social antagonisms you can observe today are the direct result of that paradigm shift.

We’re all victims, or lazy people…take your pick of characterization. The paleo narrative was so successful for me once found, and helped a lot of people. I got levels of social notoriety that were pleasing to me, and so it flows from there, right?

But I couldn’t ignore the pesky comments of so many people—all on different paths—that didn’t make the narrative add up for way too many people who’re being their own laboratory while setting aside the narrative they were taught before they could think.

And so it began a long journey that has really settled in on gut health, going way back to all the Resistant Starch posts. But not the end of the story.

We had to take on the Inuit-Ketosis narrative. It took 17 posts: Leaving The Inuit Behind: Hormesis For The Rest Of Us.

Then we found that nearly 70% of calories for the hunter-gatherer Hadza are from carbohydrate, 15% coming from honey—and how they get it with help from a bird we’ve co-evolved with for 5 million years. That, in itself, is an amazing story: Paleogate: Loren Cordain’s Honey Coverup.

Then by happenstance, one of my closest collaborators, with lots of other collaborators—even a retired Oxford PhD who researched mineral status—got a wild idea of how to solve The French Paradox. But it didn’t end there. Turned out the hypothesis fit with all other dietary paradoxes we know of: Iron, Food Enrichment and The Theory of Everything.

Now, that’s a real whopper of a post…6,000 words, but there was just no way to make it any shorter. I’m going give you the links to two places where we just did an abridged version of 1,500 words. These are popular channels: Medium and Liberty.me. It would be great if you could see your way to help promote those, to get word out that people might read. Feel free to knock yourselves out and promote the unabridged version.

Given that the isles of Whole Foods Market are lined with products containing iron-fortified flour, it’s clear that this is a very new message. Help.

There’s one more thing to mention, and that’s is the experience of myself and a lot of others, who’ve even written comments about how a new technology of probiotic is making differences where people have tried, spent thousands for years—on dead and non-resurrected gut bugs—never to see any difference. I’ll give you my most recent testimonial from this post: The Big Elixa Probiotic Experiment Update: It Begins Tomorrow.

“Big fan of Elixa here. Been lurking around FTA for a while now and purchased Elixa for my wife with Crohn’s. Her response to it was incredible and she thanked me for finding the one thing that helped her live a more normal life again. She had a sinus infection and was prescribed antibiotics and her symptoms began to return and after another round of Elixa, she felt relief again. It worked for her (and a friend with IBS we recommended it to). Worth a shot for anyone and thanks for finding this product. Oh, Karl answered every question I had via email promptly, which is also pretty amazing for a company CEO to do.”

There’s a lot more in the comments of the posts about Elixa Probiotic (check it out at ElixaFTA.com) I’ve listed.

But, yes, for the time being I’m doing a rather serious experiment that includes a full 9 (nine) gut biome tests: 6 from uBiome and 3 from AmGut. I’m also doing a pretty detailed food log, and recording daily observations.

It’s a blast.

Memberships are $10 monthly, $20 quarterly, or $65 annually. The cost of two premium coffees per month. Every membership helps finance the travel to write, photo, and film from interesting places and share the experiences with you.


  1. edster on September 28, 2015 at 03:54

    Richard, enjoyed your article on Medium, great content and format. Hoping to see many more!

  2. Moando on October 4, 2015 at 00:21

    Appreciate your openmindedness and groundbreaking articles. Always come to this site to be surprised! Keep up the good work.

    I don’t know if there is a unified theory of good health, but if anyone is trying to discover it, you are…

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