When Do We Reach Critical Mass?

— Mass Effect: The Imperative of Criticality 

“Critical mass is the point at which a movement or idea gains enough momentum to become unstoppable. In his article, he explores the concept of critical mass and how it applies to various aspects of society, from politics to techno-totalitarianism.

“Nikoley argues that critical mass can be reached when enough individuals have reached their personal levels of outrage, that outrage is common, and the source of outrage is fundamental, natural, and human. He also notes that critical mass can be difficult to predict, as it often depends on a variety of factors such as timing, social context, and “priorities,” most of them contrived to deflect the growing mass of outrage.

“Overall, Nikoley’s article provides a thought-provoking analysis of the concept of critical mass and its implications for social change. His measured, condescending, and iconoclastic style may not be for everyone, but it certainly makes for an engaging and intellectually stimulating read.”


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Critical mass, as you may know, wasn’t a Wall Street epiphany. It’s a term in nuclear physics that refers to the smallest amount of fissile material needed to sustain a nuclear chain reaction. 

As such, it makes for an excellent metaphor.

With critical mass, it’s about hitting that sweet spot—too little and the reaction fizzles out; too much and you’re left with a meltdown reminiscent of Chernobyl. It’s a delicate balance between stagnation and catastrophe.

In the sphere of social dynamics and its resultant politics, it has its limitations because we’re humans with a kind of mix of rationality, emotion, and sense of proportion. It may be mathematical, but no one’s going to figure out that equation.

For example, communism has never hit critical mass. Yet the despotic, totalitarian measures over more than a hundred years to nurture humanity into such fold has resulted in the democide of hundreds of millions.

Applying Critical Mass to Everyday Life 

… And yet life itself, with all its layers, nuance, opportunities, setbacks, and struggles, is also about achieving critical mass in some measures and respects.

Entrepreneurs understand this. You can work your fucken ass off for months and years and have little to show for it, and then that slightest little thing… Bang!

But sometimes not, and you have to sweep it all away and build something else. 

The critical mass of understanding and integration is the amount of knowledge required to initiate a rapid, geometric expansion of that knowledge in a very short time, that goes far beyond the incremental gains achieved over years, centuries, or even millennia.

Similarly, the critical mass of courage is what you need to overcome the silly, irrational, and instilled fear you have—that keeps you like a domesticated feedlot animal—of shredding the security blanket modern society would have you nestled under and within…and telling everyone who needs to hear it:


Tipping the Balance 

Nature exists in the realm of, and is dominated by, negative feedback. That is, things get checked…so that unbridled chain-reactions aren’t happening all around us all the time, blowing everything up—literally and figuratively. Something happens and keeps happening, until at some point the next happening kicks off something else that serves as the metaphorical wet blanket, calming everything down.

Or think of the universe as a giant bowl and earth, our solar system, our galaxy…whatever…is inside the bowl. Lots can happen to disturb balances and equilibrium, but in the end, everything comes once again to rest at the bottom of the bowl.

Negative feedback is built into the very nature of the universe. That’s called metaphysical; or, that thing from which the physics and math we use to understand the universe, emanates.

Now, flip the bowl upside-down, balance the earth (or solar system, galaxy, et al.) on the top. Now what happens if a disturbance is too great? That’s positive feedback. Each incremental perturbation serves to intensify the reaction. It’s out of control.

A critical mass is achieved quickly, and everything goes to shit, down the tubes, off the edge…however you care to describe it.

The Power of Critical Mass in Driving Change

A recent tweet I encountered used the term critical mass. It’s this idea of reaching a crucial tipping point in society that triggers monumental changes, even revolutions.

This will end when a critical mass of the public awaken to the crimes. The continued good health of the unvaccinated, together with excess morbidity and mortality in the multiple jabbed will eventually lead to the critical mass. Stay strong all. Revolution is coming!

For a good while now, my perspective has been honed through historical events. The collapse of the USSR in ’93, Brexit, TDS…these are not mere footnotes.

They mark the moments in time when the evil, deluded Left and the so-called global elite woke up from their utopian masturbatory fantasies of a slow, organically nurtured—often nudged along by “overlooked” mass murder—evolution into techno-totalitarianism. The Brexit/Trump era was a rude awakening, a slap that echoed globally. The left’s ‘progressive’ march had been halted, their seeds of control withered before they could blossom.

Critical mass had not been achieved, and it was nowhere in sight.

This was a war, and they had no choice but to retaliate. And retaliate they have, and persist—with an avalanche of absurdities, one more baffling and outrageous than the last.

I began to ponder this more. I noticed something in 1992 when the Soviet Union was on the brink of collapse. At the start of ’93, I was an officer in the US Navy. I left the job, noticing a scramble for a new enemy as the Soviet Union crumbled. 

Lo and behold, the new adversary became fundamentalist Islam [slash] terrorism(TM). It dawned on me only in retrospect more recently: the collapse of the Soviet Union, but not communism, gave pause to the leftist elites. It challenged their certainty around the inevitability of communism.

Note that it was not the death of communism. If anything, the collapse of its prime-mover and vehicle, the USSR, only quickened resolve.

Double down.

This is one reason I give Russia and Putin a lot of leeway. They went through it as hard as it can get, and they have lessons learned beyond our imagination. I understand fully how today, they aren’t blowing smoke while they bolster and strengthen their Orthodox Christian and Jewish institutions, while at the same time, explicitly limiting, curtailing, and wreaking havoc with Woke, LGBT, and progressive/commie bullshit across the social landscape.

They’re putting the West in short pants. I’m one of very few who seem to see this clearly, and I love every fucking ironic minute of it.

To be frank and honest about it…if all-out war does happen between the Western alliances and Russia, I’ll have to think about it. I’m not an automatic, knee-jerk, unthinking unconditional flag-waving American.

I’m happy for America to be upright and on the moral high ground. The problem is, I don’t see it. Not at all. And I’m not unconditional about anything whatsoever. That’s not the path of a strong and upright human animal…to hold to no inviolable standards of good sense and propriety.

… Consider the concept of nature versus nurture. Ancient religions, like Christianity, grappled with the inherent nature of humanity. They acknowledged man’s flaws, branding it ‘original sin.’ They didn’t aim to perfect man; they accepted man’s inherent nature and provided a way to manage it through religious structures and hierarchies, all the way up to God himself.

They inspired humanity to rise above its base nature.

Religions persist because they resonate with people, across cultures, societies, and time. They offer a framework that seems to work, a fact we can’t dismiss. 

Communism, in a sense, is religion. It shifts faith from an inaccessible deity to a man-made state. Unlike religions that grappled with man’s nature, communism tried to nurture humanity into some sort of self-sacrificing creature, devoid of individual aspirations and incentives, working for the collective good.

… An entire society, devoid of selfishness, working towards a common goal. Quite the Utopian dream. But really, even the very notion of such a lazy-ass existence is a bunch of shit. Humans aren’t built to be self-sacrificing drones; we’re hard-wired for survival and self-interest. 

And what has this nouveau religion accomplished with all its outgrowths, loosely termed Woke Ideology?

By contrast with traditional religion that encourages and inspires humanity to rise above its base, depraved nature, Wokeism incentivizes men to sink below it—the only creature on earth with the capacity to willfully do that.

The Inconvenient Truth of Human Nature 

Try as we might to suppress it, human nature always rears its ugly head. Communism, in its quest to homogenize society, actually strips us of our most fundamental drive: the pursuit of happiness. And what is happiness if not the fulfillment of individual desires and ambitions? 

The Perversion of Altruism 

Communism’s fatal flaw is its gross misunderstanding of altruism. True altruism is voluntary; it stems from empathy, compassion, and love—not state mandates or foisted guilt trips. When you force or cajole someone to be ‘selfless,’ you’re not promoting altruism. You’re promoting resentment and rebellion.

Here’s a truth about man’s nature:

We. Want. To. Win!

It’s an immutable fact of human nature. No matter the situation, personal or professional, we desire victory. Winning truly is, everything.

Should circumstances force us, we will fight to win, creating chaos if necessary. This drive for victory is part of the critical-mass equation.

Are you beginning to see it?

The Indomitable Spirit 

It’s not some ethereal ghost you’re getting in touch with during a séance. This manner of human spirit is more like a junkyard dog. 

… Or go find yourself a fucking sandbox to play in. No pussies. This is for the fearless who relish playing in the mud, to get their hands dirty, and to face the harsh realities of life.

They do the hard thing not because it’s their only option. They choose the hard thing because it’s hard—harkening back to the great JFK speech inaugurating our quest for the moon.

Chaos as a Weapon 

Chaos typically has a negative connotation…for the simple reason that from the perspective of your elected officials slave masters, chaos is a lot like cats getting out of bags, complete with the prospect of trying to herd them back in.

Chaos is a sign of disorder, a breakdown of systems. Flip the damn script. Chaos is a weapon, and can be a wholesome one—when led by upstanding men of good moral character and conscience.

Contrast the chaos of The American Revolution—led by its white, patriarchal gentlemen—with the lot of screeching, tatted, and pierced jungle-bunny vermin rappin’ & twerkin’ Antifa or BLM in their braids and dreads.

Victory: The Final Piece 

We’re in this to win hearts, minds, and souls…not to loot Walmart and Target.

It’s for the children’s future of productive pursuits…not for a pair of grossly overpriced, brand-name sneakers manufactured by “overlooked” international slave labor.

 And if we’re going to do that, we need to embrace the spirit of the warrior, wield chaos like a weapon, and strive for nothing less than absolute devastating victory.

“Conan, what is the best in life?”

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!”

When the Soviet Union fell, people assumed communism had failed. They didn’t question the inherent flaws of communism itself, instead believing it hadn’t been implemented correctly. And so, the march continued. 

Leftist elites found refuge in environmentalism, formerly known as global warming. But when that didn’t pan out, it shifted to ‘climate change,’ a hammer in a universe with only nails. Every. Fucking. Thing. is climate change. It’s a typical case of moving the goalposts, and the masses fall for it…because the masses are always fucking stupid. It’s what they are, and what they do. It’s ‘metaphysical.’

…Be stupid…regurgitate it, and spread it around.

But even this now is nearing its critical mass. Fast forward to 2001, and we witness the horrific events of 9/11. As a former Navy officer, I had a gut reaction when I saw the second plane hit live on TV. 

I had spent eight years in the Navy during the Cold War, engaging in war games with the Soviets on their own playing field in the South China Sea, often only a dozen nautical miles from the coastline of the USSR. When they collapsed, it seemed we needed a new enemy. I didn’t care for that, so I left. 

When I saw 9/11 unfold—having see America’s militaristic efforts to keep perpetual war alive—my initial thought was, ‘this is what happens.’ Like most people, I didn’t deeply question why it happened, or if there could be a different approach that could prevent such atrocities without compromising our freedoms. 

Instead, we united against the Islamic world, becoming ‘white knights.’ The world changed forever.

By white knight, I mean that in part, our excuse was that we’re in it to save their women.

Well, from a recent tweet

The visually amazing videos @navyhato, Felix Rex, creates are unique and always worth the watch.

I don’t think I’ve missed one in 5 years, and that’s saying a lot.

This one is heads & tails, however.


Because I can feel it.

I’ll put it like this.

Go back to 9/11, and it’s hard to argue that some measure of what America and its allies did in the Middle East in “retaliation” was justified as a defense of women. Their women. So, a bit of White Knight in there.

What happens?

Turns out their women seem to be just fine, largely.

And what thanks did servicemen get from Western women over the last 22 years?

They got shit on. And it’s perceived as a recurring theme. And I think the perception is justified. Take a watch.

… Everywhere I look, I see the West crumbling, being hoist by its own petard…

Shattering the Illusion 

The idea of this ‘white knight’ we erected was nothing more than a convenient fallacy. A fairy tale we fed ourselves because we can’t possibly be wrong. 

We, the so-called ‘civilized’ societies, decided to play the hero. But in our collective arrogance, all we did was obscure the truth. 

And today? You see placards, and you’ll hear attitudes expressed—even from surprising places—that go something like “Islam was right about women.”

Not so ironically, many women agree.

The Naked Truth 

There’s something invigorating about the unvarnished truth, isn’t there? It’s raw, gritty, and there’s no room for sugar-coating. The truth is, the Islamic world was never the enemy.

We were. 

We, with our preconceived notions and misguided valor, were the real villains. The architects of our own destruction. Isn’t that the most laughable part of it all? 

Now you have the Taliban…THE TALIBAN, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!...lauding Elon Musk and his stand for free speech on Twitter…all while the bastions of democracy in the West do everything they can’t get away with to censor it.

Sure, there’s a lot of holy-shit crap that goes on in some Muslim countries; but also, from their perspective, their culture and their ways have been under attack, targeted for extermination by Western culture, and have been, for decades.

And what is Western culture now? It’s decadence, hedonism, promiscuity, and sexually mutilating children…provided you can even tell the difference between boys and girls, anymore.

In short, the Western world, over the past decade, has demonstrated that “radical Islam” was right about us all along; and that they, for all their still-primitive and seemingly cruel practices, are more moral, upstanding, and principled than we are.

Face the facts that are on full display around you every day and admit that something is woefully wrong, evil, and depraved about so-called enlightened Western civilization in its current manifestation.

The question then becomes, how long has it really been this way? Is this a new phenomenon; or more likely, has it been this way a long time…where the Muslim world could see the slippery-slope, but we could not, could not even fathom it?

The Crucial Turning Point 

So, where did it all go wrong? Well, it’s simple, really. We became so engrossed in our own narrative, we lost sight of reality. 

We failed to recognize our own flaws, our own prejudices.

Let’s cut through the noise and talk about the reality. We’re sold the idea of spreading democracy, of saving women from hijabs and the rod; and yet, years on, we’re still entrenched in endless wars. People are tired. They’re fed up with the political correctness, the wokeness. And amidst all this fatigue, a critical mass is beginning to form. It started with Brexit in the summer of 2016. A shock to the system. The elites were shaken. This was big. 

But they shrugged it off, dismissed it as an anomaly. Instead of honoring the will of the people, they dragged their feet for years. It could have been done in months, but no. They were too afraid to face the reality that the people were unhappy. 

And then came the bigger shocker—Trump—right on its heels. They were so certain Hillary would win, they didn’t get enough fix in. Her surprised reaction said it all. That’s when the Democrats, Left, and Woke began exposing themselves in public. Things have been spiraling down until now, we’ve reached a point where we don’t even know what defines a man or woman, a boy or girl, anymore.

And it’s ok to surgically amputate the genitals and breasts of teenagers who aren’t even yet entrusted with car keys.

Unveiling the True Face of Democrats, Leftists, and Woke 

They all didn’t suddenly morph into a bunch of gender-confused, self-serving charlatans overnight. Their exposure as evil incarnate—and there are no exceptions, right down to your nice old Democrat granny—has been a natural process…and this is the important part…because they themselves are unnatural and inhuman.

Humanoids and vermin are my preferred epithets.

They have always been who they are. It is important to realize and understand this.

… Do you think dear and lovely German granny and gramps suddenly became evil overnight once they were damn certain what Hitler and the Nazi machine was up to with respect to the Jews, and went along anyway?

No. They possessed “Original Sin” all along, and somewhere along the line, were incentivized to play along, do their part, or at least look the other way…and we come full circle to the brilliance of ancient religious institutions vis-à-vis the human condition.

It’s arguable that ancient and formalized religious institutions are the sine qua non of human civilization and not, such as we are oft conditioned to believe, enlightenment.

Science Stripped of Ethical Bounds 

The proponents of this dystopian future would have you believe it’s all for the greater good. What’s really happening is that we’ve opened a Pandora’s box of scientific possibilities, without any regard for the moral or ethical implications. 

We’re in the middle of an experiment, with children as the guinea pigs. And all the while, those with their fingers on the scalpel are patting themselves on the back, convinced they’re doing the right thing. 

While the gender-affirming care genital mutilation is recent enough, so too is the experience with the contrived global scare over a “novel” head-cold or flu…perhaps a pneumonia for some…all to usher in a global medical experiment with billions of lapdog, willing participants who have nobody in the world to blame but themselves for their long-term mRNA-experiment injuries, or their deaths…except in the case of children compelled by parents and guardians to become active participants in a drug trail, when they faced zero risk of any adverse consequence of that invisible thing floating around.

It boggles the fucking mind.

Any ah-has yet as to the societal mass, building to critical proportions?

Awakening from the Nightmare 

So, what’s the solution? Do we just bury our heads in the sand and hope it all goes away?


We resist and we fight and we sow chaos.

We remember that we’re more than just flesh and blood.

We’re human beings, the unique animal on this planet:

This animal makes its own soul through its reflection, discipline, thought, and controlled actions.

… And it wouldn’t be a thing if it couldn’t go both ways…toward the evil, or to the good.

Both are a choice, but with one important distinction. It’s only the good that must be chosen and consciously acted upon.

Default is also evil, so there’s one way to strive for the good, two ways to arrive at evil’s doorstep.

We will reclaim our humanity from the clutches of this grotesque vision of progress.

The nightmare is real, and it’s upon us.

So, where is this all heading? I’m not entire certain, but I do understand the essentials with complete clarity.

… What’s clear is that something’s got to give, and when it does, it won’t be pretty. To understand the current state of affairs, you need to look at the bigger picture, the flyover view from 30,000 feet. 

For just one example, witness the recent censorship hearing in the House of Representatives. They invited Robert F. Kennedy Jr.—a man from the most celebrated political family in America, a Democrat one—to testify. And what do the Democrats do at the censorship hearing? They attempt to censor him. The irony is laughable, but what’s telling is that it’s not mocked by mainstream media sources.

That’s the cake that has been baking in the oven since 2016 Brexit, Trump, Impeachments, Rigged Elections, Invisible-Germ Fear, Mass Medical Experiments, Excess Death and Disability, Lopped Off Kid’s-Genitals, Homo-Butt-Fuck Children’s Story time in School, Male-Cock-Sucking Shows for Kids, Wayne and Bruce Romance Novels in Kid’s Libraries, American Criminal Crime-Fighting Institutions…and an International Shakedown Mob Boss [along with his crack-addicted, underage whore chasing, enforcer son] as POTUS.

The absurdity of it all…the woke culture, the over-the-top transgender activism, it’s like a clown-car circus. It raises the question:

Just what kind of world are we living in, anyway?

What we’re witnessing, I believe, is the last gasps of the losing side in a war. Hail Marys, one after another, in succession

From a distance, it all seems ridiculous, desperate even. But that’s the point. They’re throwing every gram of shit they’ve got against the wall, hoping something will stick, but not really. What they really want is to fuck as much shit up as possible, hoping to do lasting damage. It’s like being foreclosed upon in your house because you spent all your money on booze, bud, cheap whores, and OnlyFans…and rather than mend your ways, you trash the place out of some sense of righteously rationalized victimhood.

They know they’re evil.

They know it more and better than we do. But because everyone requires a sense of self-esteem, they’ve got to fake theirs, and what all they’ve done requires a whole lot of persistent fakery and subterfuge.

I’ve tried to remind people for a very long time:

If they had any good and valid arguments to back any of their positions, they’d use them.

Read that again. Let it sink in and stay right there, front and center in your conscience, for instant recall.

The Water is Rising 

… And they know it. Their time is running out. They’re scared and in a panic, the automatic state of fear. 


Let them scramble. Let them panic. I’m just going to sit back and watch the show. After all, it’s not my fight. I’ve got better things to do.

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