No-Pill #26 Fromm’s Love Fallacy

— The Art of Loving and its Egalitarian Poison

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“Unearth the insidious egalitarian poison hidden in popular literature and ideologies that sabotage your individuality and value. Discover how to reclaim your power, reject false altruism, and assert your own values for a more prosperous and satisfying life.”

Erich Fromm’s best-selling book, The Art of Loving, is among the most subtly damaging pieces of literature since the Bible in undermining human well-being and happiness.

Wait, what? Did you say The BibleTHE Bible? Yes, but understand something. I’m not raining hellfire down upon the aims of the Bible, nor of Fromm’s book, for that matter. (Fromm’s book is old, probably few have read it, though perhaps more than who have read the Bible. In this sense, both books are being used as a comparative object lesson.)

Even for the reader who values independent thinking and seeks knowledge, it can be argued that almost any well-written book, regardless of its honesty or potential harm, can offer valuable insights into both positive and negative perspectives. Take, for instance, Erich Fromm’s work, where the reader can gain knowledge by uncovering his central theme, albeit subtly presented, that “real love” entails loving everyone unconditionally and impartially. Fromm condemns any form of discrimination in love as selfish and unloving, erasing the objective standards of human values, love, worth, and particularly justice.

Fromm’s erroneous belief suggests that love, value, and worth do not have to be earned. According to this perspective, individuals such as lovers, spouses, or children should not receive any more love or appreciation than a beggar in Calcutta, Hitler, or Charles Manson. In essence, Fromm’s ideology implies that all human beings—regardless of their merits or character—should be diminished until they are on par with the lowest, most wretched individual on Earth. The Bible also perpetuates this damaging and unfair notion in various explicit and implicit ways.

Albert Schweitzer takes the concept of love a step further by suggesting that all living entities should be loved equally. This means that the love one feels for their spouse, child, or any close relation should not surpass the love they could extend to a stranger, a tree, a blade of grass, or even a weed. Certain Eastern philosophies imply an even furtherance of this notion through reverence of nonliving entities.

In essence, the love one has for their spouse or child should not be greater than the love they could have for a pebble on the beach. This is the understanding of love embraced by the Fromm’s, Schweitzer’s, the Bible, and other proponents of egalitarianism and altruism.

All have their differences, of course, and nobody really believes them anyway. So the root question is, why do people continually spout and espouse such silly ideas that when taken into practice always result in individual, familial, tribal, communal, societal, and civilizational harm and ruin?

Cui bono?

What do I mean?

Look at today’s environmentalist / global-warming / climate-change agenda in the current year.

It’s a malevolent theme with roots in just such love and equality for the lowliest of lazy, dishonest, stupid, and weak humans non-human animal, and for inanimate objects such as The Earth. By using the force of government, they place the “well-being” of birds, insects (including mosquitoes), trees, plants, and inanimate “landscapes” above the lives, well-being, and happiness of human beings. Those anti-human themes are extensions of the altruistic, self-sacrificial philosophy advanced through books such as the Bible and Fromm’s The Art of Loving.

What lies ahead? What can we expect from a future characterized by increasing egalitarianism and altruism? The continuous exposure to the growing atrocities committed in the name of these principles gradually desensitizes individuals, leading them to silently accept escalating levels of injustice, human suffering, mental anguish, violence, and terrorism. A diminishing number of people raise objections or demonstrate any concern for these mounting atrocities. Prior to Enlightenment and now No-Pill thinking, those who consistently advocated for individual rights to life and property were diminishing both in their passion and their numbers. This paved the way for an ultimate egalitarian outcome—a global slaughterhouse resembling either a Leninist regime or a religious dictatorship. However, the tide is turning with increasing exposure on global scales, albeit slowly at present but with increasing pace in the future.

The final egalitarian “purification” is always the mass liquidation of human life. That “purification” starts with the exploitation and then sacrifice of the productive middle class and ends with their physical slaughter.

Mass exposure, through what’s essentially No-Pill thinking, ensures that the final process of egalitarian “purification” does not happen. Those individuals who adhere to honest principles, uphold freedom and justice, cherish life, refuse to surrender their minds and lives to others, and generate the greatest values for society would be the first to be eliminated, as they represent the best.

We’ve seen this before through various machinations of Leninist-Marxist communism. If altruism and egalitarianism were to reach their natural conclusions, the Western world, including the United States, would experience similar fates.

However, the exposure and continuing revelations of underlying motivations behind the global Covid event, vaccination events, and ongoing climate-panic events intensify. The recent advent of Artificial Intelligence in the hands of the public is likely an effort to use such a tool as the best purveyor of propaganda ever conceived.

But it will fail and instead, become the deciding blow in the hands of the only people who really matter in the salvation, health, well-being, and prosperity of mankind:

Altruism can only be cured by individuals who possess true power—the value producers. By simply refusing to comply with the sacrificial demands of mystics and automatic liars, the value producer can effectively put an end to altruism. Through fully-integrated honesty, all value producers have the ability to reject mysticism, altruism, and egalitarianism without any guilt or hesitation.

When the value producer rejects the manipulative tactics of the automatic liars, their deceitful schemes lose their power and eventually collapse. From that point forward, the value producer cannot be tricked or coerced into supporting the lying class ever again.

These No-Pill concepts provide the tools to expunge all professional mystics and automatic liars from our planet forever.

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