No-Pill # 27 Liberating Yourself from Mysticism and Destruction

— The Insidious Art of Undetected Dishonesty That Permeates Society

The 114 No-Matrix/No-Pill Advantages Course. Start here.

“Uncover the deceptive forces of mysticism that rob you of your rightful livelihood. Learn to assert your individuality and establish your own values, principles, and standards—not those dictated by others. Embrace the power of rational, objective thinking to achieve true success, prosperity, happiness, and passionate love in life. Step into a world where you are the master of your fate.”

An Important Special Public Message

This is an out-of-sequence Special Advantages Publication on a Sunday morning. A day ahead of the normal Monday through Friday morning publication. You’ll have #28 tomorrow morning.

I’m making it free and publicly available for 24 hours. It will go members-only as soon as #28 is published.

This is where the “paywall” goes each time—right after the summary-sizzle—in the previous 26 Lessons in the 114-Lessons, No-Pill Advantages Course; and will go, for the next 87 Lessons after this. When I kicked this off some weeks back, I made the first 6 Lessons a free preview, but that’s been over for a while. I’m making this one-and-only peak available for 24 hours because it’s a special Lesson. This is where the beginner, prerequisite stuff in Lessons 1-27 finally begin coming together.

What does that mean? Now begins the intermediate phase (which will be followed by advanced, expert, crazy, and completely unhinged…or something like that). This isn’t 114 Odds & Ends Random Out The Ass Things. It’s a progression. Any reader is already somewhere on that progression, but there’s no way to know where, so I have to start at the beginning. That means that for some members who may have wondered what the big deal is, it’s because you’re members and so you know a lot of this stuff already, or you’re decent dot-connectors.

From now on, it should be more compelling. By about halfway through, you’ll be looking at your watch and lamenting weekends. Promise.

You have no idea what’s in store.

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