#3: We Need The World’s Religions Now More Than Ever

— Here’s What I Think

“In this provocative piece, Richard Nikoley urges all religious denominations to unite against the insidious forces aiming to destroy our values and traditions. This isn’t about religion – it’s about preserving human dignity, individuality and the sanctity of our children’s futures.” — Chatbot Zon

I came across something this morning that would have taken my breath away, if that’s possible.

I wanted to share it with all religious people regardless of denomination, creed, sect, or anything that, in this context, unnecessarily divides them.

They all have a common enemy; it’s a clear and present danger. This isn’t hype.

Compete with each-other on your particular moral flavors. Sell yourselves to the non-believers. Fine. Some religions may be better for some things in some circumstances. It’s ok to hold yours as better. Everybody does, and that will continue. Accept it; try to be mindful of the vast expanse of common ground that you all share, and that there are evil forces out there trying to scorch that earth.

Don’t lose sight of the facts behind why you really have religions in the first place, and those facts are very close to why someone else has theirs; and if you each look closely, the reasons are very similar, if not the same.

For a quick personal background, there was religious observance for me growing up in the ’60s, but it wasn’t until 1970 that my parents (and many other family members) became serious, and the particular flavor was Born-Again, Evangelical Christianity that evolved into Fundamentalist Baptist. Fast-forward 10 years to 1980, I’d read the KVJ of the Bible cover-to-cover a couple of times, memorized tons of scripture, graduated from Reno Christian Academy, an adjunct of Grace Baptist Church, and completed a year at Tennessee Temple University, a Bible College, in Chattanooga.

From then, I drifted away, but it wasn’t until 10 years later, 1990, that I finally rejected it all outright, called myself an atheist, and spent a good 25 years—until about 2015—pretty much ridiculing all things religious…primarily because religious values conflicted with my ethical anarchism and political libertarianism—and not because I didn’t still hold many of those religious values.

Then I saw activist atheists, secularists, and humanists unethically and hedonistically destroying wholesome values, and I saw libertarians-at-large politically opposing a guy like Trump who, despite his faults, loves everything about the sorts of values religious people hold most dear.

When the facts, the terrain, and the lay of the land changes, I change my mind. Anything less is dishonest.

… There are clear forces at every level in charge of planet earth right now, and they want to destroy all of you. That’s not hype. They hate you and everything you stand for because only themselves, being in authority, rule, and control is acceptable to them. Whether you’re an individualist like me who takes his marching orders from moi même, or a religious person who takes theirs from higher authorities than any human…neither way is acceptable to them, and they will kill as many as it takes to install themselves as the undisputed overlords of all.

Those at the very top and their immediate underlings and functionaries are elite, inhuman vermin that must be rendered the has-been, pip-squeaks, and clowns that they truly are.

Your individual, familial, community, social, religious, cultural, traditional, and ritual lives depend on it.

Every value you love to the depth of your heart and soul—the values your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and community-members taught you as they raised you up in the ways that you should go—is under attack.

They use what you love against you.

The just penalty for such transgression should be capital in nature.

… Here’s what I came across. At first, I merely saw the video, and it got me sitting up straight right away. No spoilers. I checked into him. All good, and I’ll get to that. No prejudgments, listen to his short sermon, only 6 minutes, and I’d ask you to do one simple thing:

Replace, in your own mind, those words and concepts pertaining to his own flavor of religion, with those words and concepts pertaining to your favorite flavor. And if you don’t have one at all, then think things like “nature, natural law, objective morality, good-for-me/bad-for-me,” etc.

There is a transcript of the talk in the Tweet.

He is H.G. Mar Mari Emmanuel, Bishop of Christ The Good Shepherd Church in Australia. It’s Assyrian Orthodox.

Tradition places the missionary activity which gave birth to our Church in the middle of the first century. This was during those early days when, in the East, most Christians were Jews who accepted “Yeshua” as “M’shikha” — Jesus as Messiah. As the Scriptures record, “Parthians, Medes, Elamites, and residents of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia… both Jews and proselytes,” had heard the gospel in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:9,10).


Now let me give you something to heartily rejoice about.

The inhuman, vermin elite understand very well what unites you all, which is why they seek to keep you always divided on social/cultural/religious issues like abortion, women’s rights, homosexual rights.

They went too far when they stepped into “children’s rights,” creating a whole “gender-affirming [medical] care” euphemism now worth $3 Billion.

It’s all a euphemism for: “your boy-child has say-so to have “doctors” cut off his dick and give him hormones to grow tits, and your girl-child to have her tits cut off and her forearm flesh harvested to make a fake dick, and hormones to grow a beard. And you have no say.”

[See: Tucker Carlson on X, Ep. 28.]

The vermin are out of touch because one thing all religions of the world can agree upon—and pretty much all of actual humanity—is that children have no rights beyond the essentials of care and upbringing and, in fact, the whole raison d’etre of families, churches, communities, traditions, and rituals is that children must be taught and raised in the ways they should go because they know nothing.

And TV and iPads and phones and computers and the internet are no substitutes.

… Nor is an infestation of vermin suitable for extermination.

And if push came to shove, who among us wouldn’t gladly take Sharia, Jewish, or Christian Law and theocracy over what all those assholes have in store for the kids?

Say what you will about Iran, even. Nobody’s coming for your boys or girls to mutilate their genitals and overrule their body’s hormones.

You all have far more in common than you can even imagine, and it is now time for you all to unite against the true enemy of all of you.

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