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— The Three Essential Things You Must Be … Not Think … BE!

Greetings from the 15th Floor of the luxury Sky Residences on Pratumnak Hill, overlooking Pattaya Bay, Thailand. Now home. There’s a video tour of the place if you missed it (plus a bonus discussion of side effects and fixes on HGH).

The stories of my personal rise to millions—twice—are well documented in this blog’s 20 years of archives, now undergoing rapid curation—along with other topical collections to create, out of a library of 5,500 posts. Coming soon. Briefly for now, then, I blew $50K failing in two businesses in 1992 and when down to my last 200 bucks, risked 89 of it on a business plan, and that was the spark that led to 30 employees and $3+ million per year revenue. Years later, I took a $60K trading account to over $1 million day-trading options.

The losses of those fortunes are of the same lesson-learning caliber and character as the lessons that gained them.

Every experience is a lesson, and every lesson is a tool. It always comes back to how you use them and, sometimes, whether you use them, or not.

I’ve gone for a long time not particularly caring about money; that is, from a scorecard standpoint. And as far as spending it, who cares on what? That’s a remarkably good attitude when you’re spending thousands of it annually on booze. It’s also a good frame for if you sell everything and move to a place where you can practice “geoarbitrage.”

Geoarbitrage refers to the practice of taking advantage of the differences in living costs between different geographic locations. It involves strategically relocating to a place with a lower cost of living while maintaining the same level of income or increasing it. By earning income in a strong economy and living in a low-cost area, individuals can save money and potentially increase their purchasing power. Geoarbitrage can be beneficial for individuals looking to stretch their income, achieve financial independence, semi-retire, or even travel the world. It is a concept commonly associated with the idea of lifestyle design and can provide opportunities for saving money and living a more fulfilling life.

Chatbot Zon

And I’m good at it. Again, it’s something well documented here as I’ve shown you my various homes, rentals, and travel costs that are astounding when viewed in the context of the US dollar cost (remember the $100/mo large studio with kitchen in Phuket?).

Long story short, Covidiocy (another upcoming series of curated posts) happened, I lost a primary source of income entirely, and what was a fun and challenging thing to do became a necessity.

Dumping booze entirely 15 months ago was the spark and impetus for where I sit now, framed as I am. There was never a second of doubt that I would kick alcohol finally and forever.

That’s why I called it “My Easy Way” (another curated series) within days of commencement. Over the course of the subsequent 15 months, I have dedicated an interminable amount of time to the consideration of “what now?” Ironically, when one drinks too much too often, a common question to pose when considering stopping is, “what will I do?” Because, everything in that life centers around drinking. Take it away, what do you do? As it turns out, for me at least, the problem has become not having enough time to do all the [better] things to do.

The answer was eventually clear: I’ll make a million bucks again. Make money count on a scorecard, again. And this time, I’ll sell ringside seats to full transparency and accounting for the whole process.

To begin with that, it’s critical to understand that making outlier money is a grueling process rooted not at all in habits, organization, effectiveness, talent, tools, apps, information, or any of the other stuff you’re taught—for the hidden purpose of keeping you as a working cog in a machine that requires your money-for-time labor.

The machine has enough rich people and capital. They need you to stay time and cash poor, motivated by a dream that, for the vast majority, remains forever elusive (though it was only America that kindled such dreams. In the rest of the world, you were taught about status and that you didn’t have it.).

Now, the internet and international trade and finance have opened up the possibility of wealth to very nearly everyone. One day, maybe that reality will catch up with all the “migrators” I digress.

… I’m excluding the kind of wealth that’s inherited or otherwise easily at your disposal. I’m also excluding profession-based wealth, where you go out and invest, not in actual business capital, but in schooling, licenses, degrees, certifications, and all manner of stuff that amounts to a synthetic means of limiting your competition and the overall number of service providers so that you can charge cartel-like prices for them.

I’m talking exclusively about so-called self-made wealth; or, escaping the zoo human, freeing your inner animal, making your way, and getting it done on your own terms.

There’s no seven, or any number of habits that will account for that, or do the trick. Why? Think of all the exceptions to every habit, where there exists lots of highly effective people who don’t have that habit. Falsified.

But all, or nearly all, self-made rich folk share three core characteristics. Someone else identified these, and I’m passing them along, with my thoughts as to how they’re dead on…and adding a couple of my own that, while not essential, go hand-in-hand for those with a mindset to handle it.

You’ll be surprised and enlightened. I’ve never written or spoken about this anywhere before now.

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