A Rant About The Rapidly Changing World Today

It’s a New Frontier and It’s Open Ended — Here’s What I Think

The year 2023? A time of considerable tech and social shuffles, sure. Witness AI, integrated right into this blog unlike no other anywhere (ChatGPT-4 Turbo for all members). But wait. 2024 is eyeing us like a hawk with a taste for the kill. And 2025? It’s the monster waiting in the wings, threatening to make 2024 look mild.

And so on… This is the future now.

Low-IQ Lazy Asses get righteously left in the dust. It makes my heart sing.

Soup lines. I want soup lines.

Y’know what? It turns out that you can’t beat human evolution after all. Darwin always has a work-around, just like a bacteria or virus will eventually present with a mutation that overcomes all defensive measures, and then that’s the “new normal.” For a while.

… An alternative view of human civilization is that it separates the intelligent from the not-so-much. Some of the intelligent become creators, inventors, industrialists, entrepreneurs…and it turns out that their efforts and results produce so much excess value that it can sustain vast numbers who are net drains on society…and in free-market economies this is fine. People work for their keep and corruption is small scale…like a low-income cop who pockets a 20 instead of writing you up for your permanent record.

The other part of the intelligent sector become psychopaths. They seek to exploit the endless excess production to gain the power to continually sustain their bogus livelihoods. But how?


The Female (herd) competitive strategy by circumventing argument by use of undermining, poisoning the well, reputation destruction by use of (G)ossiping (S)haming, (R)allying, (R)idicule, (M)oralizing, (P)sychologizing,(U)ndermining, (R)eputation destruction … and solving for (F)ace or consent – instead of Male (pack) strategy by factual argument solving for truth regardless of face or consent. In other words, female “feels” using rejection or approval vs male “reals” of truth or falsehood.

Curt Doolittle – https://naturallawinstitute.com/2019/02/definition-gsrm-or-gsrrm/

(Note that “feminism” isn’t really at all about equal right for women. What it’s about and has always been about is the making of males into converts of female survival and competitive strategy. Also, I do not present this as a dig on women, but as a “know the terrain, have fun.” That is, given the physical weakness of women and their profound vulnerability in bearing and raising children, this is how they have evolved to get along, combined with being sexual gatekeepers. In other words, that’s just the way it is.)

So, essentially, from the advent of the notion of “democracy,” society has been in this seemingly engless cycle of upheaval characterized by the above, in exchange for the more natural upheavals brought about by nature itself. Democracy—a euphemism for socialism on the lighter side, communism on the harder (and totalitarianism on the Orwellian)—is a huge scam, whereby the literal dumbest 51% of the electorate decide for everyone else.

That’s its genuine appeal, and even so-called smart people buy into and rally for the hoax. Of course, the stupidest people want free stuff from everyone else, so the psychopath’s strategy is always some combination of envy-based antagonism.

This foregoing alternative view of human civilization is what the 114 No-Pill Advantages Course—that very few have the intelligence to understand or grasp (or it bunches their kids’ size fairy-tale panties too much)—is all about, and it’s more than 3 decades in the making, reworking, editing, and refreshing to keep it always on point with the daily mail.

… Wake up. The world isn’t just changing—it’s on the bullet train to evolution, and you’re still at the ticket counter counting your change. The old days? When seismic shifts took a decade to rumble through society? Gone. Now, they blast through our lives before you can say “obsolete.”

What worked yesterday is today’s museum piece. Those money-making schemes that were your bread and butter? Sure things can crumble to dust in weeks—weeks! The landscape isn’t just shifting; it’s being terraformed while we sleep.

You want to play the game now? Then get in the ring, and swing fast and hard. Squeeze that cash cow till it’s dry, pick the mine clean of gold, and make your exit stage left before the crowd shows up with their tin cups.

The earth’s rules are written in water and fire and the chances to strike it rich are like lightning—brilliant, but fleeting. The victors will be those who can pivot on a dime. SPEED doesn’t just win; it’s the only currency worth a damn.

… So the tech that was going to give the parasitical elite psychopaths even greater iron-grip control over the petty antagonisms that keep the dumb fucks constantly tuning in to find out what to “think” and regurgitate, ends up becoming their undoing because a few reason, but a couple poignant ones being 1) it moves and advances far too fast and 2) there’s no accounting for individuals (they can awaken; and where once they were fucktards, they may become reborn as smart asses).

… So…

Silence. It’s become the rarest commodity in the modern era, hasn’t it? The noise of the world drowns out the only voice that truly matters—your own. The incessant buzz of information, entertainment, and social media has hijacked the sacred space where critical thinking should reside. It’s a heist of the highest order, and the victim? Your mind. The perpetrator? A society hell-bent on producing human doer-pawns instead of human thinkers.

Reflection. Introspection. Contemplation. These are not relics of a bygone era; they are the very tools that carve the path to individual greatness. Yet, they are the tools most neglected, gathering dust in the corners of our consciousness while we busy ourselves with the mundane and the trivial.

Consider this: When was the last time you truly engaged with your own thoughts? When did you last sit in unadulterated silence, letting your mind grapple with the raw materials of your life to forge something new and unique? It’s a question that stings because the answer is often a void, an uncomfortable nothingness.

The truth is stark. The masses live on autopilot, their potential suffocated by routine and conformity. You’ve been sold the lie that life is about following a predetermined script, one that ensures you remain productive, compliant, and ultimately, dispensable.

But you? You’re not one of the faceless many. You’re here because you sense that something is amiss. You’ve felt the gnawing realization that you’re capable of more—infinitely more. And you’re right.

Here’s the cold, hard reality: To break free from the shackles of mediocrity, you must reclaim the art of thinking. You must sit with your own thoughts, no matter how uncomfortable, and interrogate them. You must ask yourself, “What do I want from this fleeting life?”

You’re not poor, loveless, sexless, or unhappy and unfulfilled by chance; it’s by choice or simple plain default … just where they want you, looking to them for all the answers.

Yes, by choice. Because every day you choose not to engage with your deepest, most powerful resource—your mind—you choose poverty in all ways you can be poor. You choose to remain stagnant. But today, that changes.

To become rich—whether in wealth, knowledge, spirit, or love—you must first enrich your mind. How? By asking the right questions and demanding answers from yourself. What skills do you possess? What value can you offer? What needs can you meet? What problems can you solve?

Forget about Googling for answers. You’ve got a supercomputer between your ears itching to crack these codes. It’s not about quick fixes or get-rich-quick schemes; it’s about the slow, arduous build. It’s about crafting a vision and chiseling away at it, day by day.

So, here’s your challenge: Shut off the world. Sit down. THINK. Map out a plan. Then, and only then, take relentless, deliberate action. Each step you take must be purposeful, each decision rooted in your newfound clarity.

This is your wake-up call. Your mind is the wellspring of potential, and it’s high time you tap into it. It’s time to stop being a mindless consumer and start being a mindful creator—and your first creative project is yourself: who are you going to be that’s exclusively on your own terms? This is how you gain richness in every sense of the word.

The road is less traveled for a reason. It’s hard. It’s lonely. But it’s the only road that leads to true freedom—to a life where you’re the master, not the slave. The question isn’t just “What will you do?” but “Who will you become?” in the process.

Now go. Think. Become.

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