So It’s A Small World After All?

The Swagger #19 — Sunday You Got Me Edition

Before turning to this Sunday’s subject matter, which is partially about taking myself to task, I wanted to briefly mention the gym experiment I’ve been running all week over at FreeTheAnimal, culminating is this wrap-up post: The Wrap: 7 Consecutive Days FBHF (Full-Body High-Frequency). If you’re at all interested in things gym-training related, you might find it of interest.

As I’m always trying to accomplish and deliver, this offers something unique that goes against the grain and counter to prevailing narratives. This often happens because people become comfortable doing what they’re doing, advocating what they advocate, and selling what they sell and the built-up momentum in that investment often has them resistant to seriously considering new stuff.

So give it a look if the gym ever beckons you. I should also mention that there’s a deal on offer, good through today (Sunday) and expires at midnight NYC time.

The message is simple. If you generally or mostly like the content I’ve been writing nearly every day for 20 years here, then pay to be a member. If you don’t, no worries. You’re welcome back any time. Up to you.

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