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What a Week

Today is a different kind of Saturday. Everything I’ve been publishing here is exclusively for members, a strategy that’s attracting fresh subscribers and filtering out the non-committal ones.

I’ll elaborate, if only for the sake of transparency. Better you have a clear understanding. Right? 

On one side, we have those who are indecisive about membership, and that’s okay. I’m interested in you if you’re open to considering membership. Otherwise, not really.

On the other side, there are those who have no intention of subscribing, ever. The answer is nope. By making all blog content members-only, I’m nudging both groups to make a decision. Why remain on the email list, receiving updates several times a week about paywalled posts, if you have no intention of becoming a member?

This new approach is proving successful. It’s encouraging the undecided to take the plunge and subscribe, while those not interested choose to unsubscribe from the email list, which is a positive outcome. You’re wasting your time and electrons if becoming a member is out of the question. Unsubscribe. Each unsubscribe is my victory.

Hand me that victory, please.

I’m also seeing a refreshing influx of new email-list subscribers daily, a trend that’s been consistent for a while, since instituting the free downloads. That has been huge. New blood every day. Most will have no interest beyond the download they snagged. But a small percentage will, and that simply needs to be scaled.

Among these new subscribers, some are committed to membership right from the start, or soon, which is great. Then there are those who are unsure, those who are still evaluating. For those, I feel the need to offer a little something.

So, here’s what I’m doing for the first time, right here. 

This particular post will be the first of its kind.

It will be a standard post on the blog for members-only, paywall and all. But, I’m also sending the entire post via email, to all 5000 of you. So, if you’re reading this from your email inbox, you’re getting the full scoop this Saturday.

Before my cat, fart, and ChatGPT story, I want to delve into the events of the week. What. A. Week.

I’ve been fully engrossed in my 30-day, high-volume workout program called SHRED30. Every day in the gym, I push myself with more sets, more reps, all in a bid to bulk up, plus ditch some fat.

I must say, I’m quite impressed with the results so far. I was gifted with the genes to pack on lean tissue rapidly, given very high protein intake and sufficient training volume on a daily basis.

I get lots of “well I do this,” or, “I do that,” “and…”

Good for you. I don’t give a fuck.

I’ve been documenting my journey in a series of posts, but it’s not only about this program.

It’s every damn thing. Just over this last week, Saturday-Saturday, I managed to churn out nine posts in seven days; plus, publish a new 55-page e-book with 41 photos; plus, publish a free download on the large, 114-Advantages series.

The series, which I’ve titled No-Matrix Power via The 114 No-Pill Advantages, currently has six parts published. If you’re curious to check it out, I’ve compiled all six parts into a free download, as a preview. 

The published e-book, which I finally finished after stalling on it, is called The Thai Connection: How Fit Older Men Attract Young Thai Women. The title might suggest something salacious, but it’s actually a deep dive into male and female relationships—the older fit man with young hot chick seen often in Thailand as the backdrop.

It’s widely applicable to every man-woman relationship on earth, and especially helpful to women.

It’s not a pickup manual; nor is it a guide to beer bars, massage parlors, and cathouses.

In my gym, it’s a common daily thing to see fit men in their 60s and 70s…buffed, shredded, and huge. What’s fascinating is how this dynamic affects male and female relationships, given that on the other side of the workout mat, you’ll see these 20 and 30-something Thai chicks doing real and serious workouts…with real weights. Why are they there, when 90% of the dudes are 45 and up?

Is there something they know that you don’t? What’s going on, fundamentally? These women could be spending time in a large number of other places. What gives?

Well, you sure won’t even get a clue if you don’t read the book. Or, you’re welcome to pretend it doesn’t exist, that there’s no information there…that ignorance is certain bliss. And why would you need to know anything about it anyway, right?

How could it possibly be of any help in your own relationships? No chance, never mind, mai pen rai.

… I posted a political rant. How Many Need To Be In Jail (or ‘Better’)? if you catch what I mean by ‘or better.’ This is The House-hearing thing with the IRS whistleblower, Gary Shapley. It’s a scathing indictment. Unbelievable kind of banana republic thing. As an American, it should be really fucking embarrassing; really embarrassing.

I mean: literally, a third of the government—the executive branch—is absolute criminal. I know people have been saying that for years, and especially whenever a Republican is in office, and where most of it is largely bullshit. But this is like true criminality…essentially, Biden taking millions of dollars in bribes when he was VP, for access and influence; and not only that, but then how the IRS investigation of that—as part of the justice department—was just on hold…slow-walked; obfuscated, road-blocked, and everything, because Trump had to be defeated and Biden had to win.

So be embarrassed if you’re an American because that is truly shameful. Utterly shameful.

… As mentioned above, I’ve recently joined a new gym. I have three in total, all located within a kilometer. I was at Zoo Gym, an old-school, iron-pumping establishment encircled by chain-link fencing, which is cool. A stark contrast is the upscale option, about 800 meters in the opposite direction. This gym is bright, modern, and vibrant, frequented by fashion-conscious patrons sporting spandex and the latest ass-accentuating workout gear. It’s a hub of social activity—a place to see and be seen.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be drawn to such a place, preferring the rawness of the old-school gym culture. However, the considerable presence of dedicated female fitness enthusiasts has piqued my interest. And it’s not just the aesthetic appeal, these women are seriously committed to their fitness—engaging in challenging workouts, not just cardio but also weight training. The visible results are impressive, to say the least. 

What’s truly fascinating is the demographic diversity. The gym mainly attracts men, predominantly aged 45 and up. Among them, a significant majority are in excellent shape, while about 10% are astonishingly ripped, even in their 60s and 70s. Then you have these younger women in their 20s and 30s, fervently committed to their fitness journey. It’s quite a spectacle!

I mean, isn’t the whole point of going to the gym to be intimidated, then overcome that intimidation?


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