Heartburn, GERD and Obesity: Same Cause? And, Can a Peptide Help?

My accidental whole new world that has changed everything and made so much obsolete

Odd photo to put up top, I know. You’ll understand why.

For one, as you can see, it has a date/time stamp. One hour and 10 minutes ago. Left on my plate after a gourmet bacon cheeseburger & fries. And no, I didn’t snap a picture of the before.

… I was intending to pop on home and get writing on another post that will have to wait until…Monday, since tomorrow is The Swagger Thursday, I’m trying to take Fridays and Saturdays off, and Sunday is The Swagger Wildcard. That post is about personal debt and begins my next Big Project…which also means I have come to the point where I have to organize, stay disciplined, map out a weekly writing and posting schedule, and stick to it.

The new Newsletter did that (I love that new gig; a lot). There’s just no winging it around here, anymore.

This will be good for both of us.

Anyway… I was looking at the plate and noting that it’s not very damn often you’ll see that. I don’t have fries and a burger every day, so when I do, it’s gonna be a clean plate. And I hadn’t eaten since the AM, so I had a good hunger going. And I didn’t leave those fries to exercise willpower or anything. I truly didn’t desire any more of them.

… Moving right along, I’ve been piecing a lot together. A lot more is connected than we think. We easily comprehend how lots of stuff is connected and related rather than ‘oh, this causes this, and that causes that…and then oh, this other thing causes that other thing.’ And even if we think, ‘man this stuff has to be related,’ it’s really damn tough to figure out the common denominator.

But I think I’m onto it.

And here’s another thing. If I’m right (or, at least, far less wrong than before) it explains why a bunch of stuff kinda works a little bit sometimes. I have one particular thing in mind along those lines that I’ll reveal later.

So where do the peptides fit in? Profoundly is how. Let me put it like this: the older we get—and we tend to suffer these problems like GERD and weight gain later, when older—the more blurry things get in terms of causes. What I mean is, there’s a cause, but it would not have risen to problem level when we’re younger because we have the physical and biochemical et ceteras substrates in good working order to deal with the perturbations that are the natural variance of our lives.

This whole thing covers a lot of ground but elegantly, when you have the common denominator(s), it’s surprising how clear things suddenly become. So, this does not require a whole lot of new writing here. Much has already been written. So let’s review that first.

The first post:

(also available as a download)

There is where I laid out that I might be onto something that came from observing a friend eat in a restaurant a few times and thinking, ‘that’s odd.’ When I asked, it was just a brief, ‘uh, ’cause it fucks up digestion.’ And this guy is a heath guy. But no long, drawn out explanation. No desire to convince me of anything…like he doesn’t need to, like maybe he’s 100% confident and self-assured that this is for him, you do whatever the fuck you want.

Maybe he’s just tired of people doing the ‘you’re crazy,’ or the equally annoying, ‘I could never do that’ (Meaning: you’re just wrong because “I could never do that” and of course, I’m true and correct, which just proves you’re not. I get that a lot when people see me walking barefoot, as though humans evolved with 1″ foam rubber glued to a strip of hard rubber on the bottoms of their feet.). Remind me to tell you again why I generally loath people; I digress.

This was the follow-up where I’d put it to the test, and then put it to the really big-time test. Flying colors. That was three weeks ago, and when I wrote this:

Really, so that’s the update. I just wanted to let you know I’m all over this. And I will add one last thing: This is not a super easy adjustment. I’ve been at it for three weeks, and at first, it was hit-and-miss. And now, still, sometimes I violate it, but I find when I violate it, I do so minimally, and I’m usually okay. Or if I do get heartburn, it’s extremely mild and resolves itself. It’s becoming second nature to me now, and it’s having other benefits too, which is the other area I have to explore. And that is that I believe it curbs appetite. It could be various mechanisms in place that account for that, but I think you end up eating less. That’s been my experience because I’m dropping weight almost automatically right now and clearly leaning out in the mirror. It’s like, “Wow, this is something.”

… Maybe add this to the list of civilizational causes of obesity…

Well now I’m pretty damn fucking sure because the scale just keeps unscaling, and also, I’ve been out of the gym for 2 1/2 weeks (see below), so far less daily energy expenditure, and I’m still dropping weight and importantly, it’s fat. It’s belly and love-handle fat. And I’m not even thinking about it.

Now, look at those naturally leftover fries on that plate I wasn’t even thinking about until I glanced at them, put some twos together, and had this idea for this post that sent the other one packing a few more days.

I tried one peptide, a subcutaneous injectable, that was a little mixed in terms of results. Don’t get me wrong. The results were clear and obvious. It was the “benefit timing” that wasn’t obvious. OK, here’s a clue. It’s for recreational sexual activity enhancement, and that’s typically associated with a specific time and place…not 10 hours later, and persisting for the next 36 hours…and none of your friends happen to be available…

Enough said, LOL. (Too bad I don’t have a side gig as a porn star…make a few calls, cash in for a few thousand…)

… This peptide thing is going to blow shit wide open. From an email, a guy in the USA in the know.

Why Haven’t I talked about it before?

Understand this, all peptides today, aside from the fat loss drugs like Ozempic, they exist as research chemicals.

No drug company makes it, it’s not for sale at your local pharmacy. Your doctor is prohibited from talking to you about it (unless you have a based doctor).

… Like many other peptides, [it] exists only as a research chemical, sold by companies that can never say it’s for medical usage; otherwise, they would be shut down.

Peptides are difficult to patent because they are almost all naturally occurring compounds. They have also already become popular with a segment of the general public, which makes controlling and monopolizing their usage difficult.

For this reason, the FDA and pharmaceutical lobby have been adverse to this and other peptides.

It was only recently that Ozempic and Wegovy were released, to immense profitability.

But the FDA has already shown intent to target peptide manufacturers.

Remember, the FDA at this point is bought and controlled by Big pharma manufacturers. The idea that it exists to “protect your health” or promote cost-effective medicine is a naive dream.

The FDA exists for drug and food conglomerates to maximize profits and ensure their particular rackets and cartels are protected by the government.

Me sending this email could probably be considered risky by itself.

But I wanted to talk about it regardless. It is that powerful, and it can potentially be life changing.

What is it, exactly?

It’s a gastric peptide, produced in the gut.

Peptides are simply chains of amino acids, and there are somewhere around 7,000 different peptides naturally produced in the human body.

This one has stood out because it appears to enhance healing in almost every system in the body

– Gut health and the Brain-Gut Axis
– Cardiovascular System
– Brain health (including TBI)
– Central nervous system
– Muscle
– Bones
– Ligaments
– Tendons

It originally became popular for muscular skeletal injuries. […]

If you get on X or on Reddit, you can read innumerable stories of people using it for everything from achilles tendon strains and tennis elbow, all the way to fixing leaky gut and helping them curb caffeine and nicotine addiction.

So there are two particular aspects of this relevant to my particulars.

  1. The injury healing
  2. The gut healing

… A couple of weeks back, I got hold of this one in oral form. Rule of thumb is, oral for gut issues, injectable for everything else. So, because of my experimenting with the heartburn/GERD cure, I was particularly interested in the gut (and of course, all my crazy experiments going way back with probiotics, prebiotics, resistant starch, fasting, etc.) so that’s what I started with.

And guess what? The whole heartburn/GERD thing got even more effective and easy and even flexible. Makes sense, it’s a gut-related peptide and that condition is related to gut health.

And that’s when the fat loss really picked up, to where it’s ‘Jesus, I’m gonna have saggy skin on my gut…’ and it just keeps going—and even the evening forays into Netflix and ice cream aren’t slowing anything down…

Then there’s the left shoulder. Damn! So, long story short, right before leaving Phuket to move to Pattaya just over a year ago, I injured my left shoulder (in the gym). I figured it would heal up pretty quick. I was wrong. March…April…May…June…nothing. Still the same, no noticeable improvement. Finally, July 1, 8 1/2 months ago, I said fuck it and the rest is history. I’ve told the gym saga enough. But doing the gym anyway, and doing it hard and often—but at first, favoring the shoulder—I got back to like 80-90%.

Then I fucking injured it right back up again. How? The rip back to USA. HOW??? Humping the 60L backpack and the stupid way I jerk it up and contort it around like a crazy person, and voilà, left shoulder be fucked, again.

… And 2 weeks ago I got hold of that peptide (oral). I felt it getting better 2 days in. Now, I’m over 90%. So, I’ve stayed out of the gym a while longer since finishing the 16 Week bust-ass Achilles program.

OK, time to get specific with details, some links to articles and research, and where to get this miracle peptide in the USA (I’ve got tons of sources here in Thailand…super easy…but y’all, or many of you, live in a place laughably called “The Land of the Free,” and they regurgitate that old saw with a straight face, LOL LOL LOL!).

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