Free the Animal

After much consideration into this blog’s new name in the light of my new direction, the decision has been made.

Free the Animal”

Why? First, if you read that post linked above, you know that my health and fitness approach is perfectly in harmony with my philosophical approach; and hence, my approach to politics and all that. In other words, a big part of the reason I have discovered something that truly works; and moreover, is the simplest, most natural, downright fun way of living: that gets you lean and fit; gets you feeling and sleeping great; and gets you looking years and years younger is precisely because I don’t believe in the gods of heaven or earth, we evolved over millions of years and are conditioned by survival pressures that in no way include all vegetable diets, gorging on bottled water all day, eating ground grass seeds (grains and derivatives) running on a treadmill or elliptical, or involving ourselves in social schemes and cons that leave us powerless, with no influence, and at the mercy of the crowd and collective (the cannibal pot). Some have a lot of the pieces and do good work. I have all of the major pieces, though acquiring all of the specifics is a lifelong and never-ending journey of discovery. I will focus on essentials and specifics that really matter to me and others living a normal life in pursuit of survival, prosperity and happiness. I will point to other sources that provide more depth in specific areas that are of interest to only some.

So, both this and this figure prominently into my approach — by application and ideology — which will be somewhat different than everyone else’s. Evfit, Paleo, Primal — and others — all share one thing in common: they grasp the fact that man is an evolved being: an animal.

I’m going a step further, deeper, more fundamental, though by application and implication. When I do discuss matters of public policy (politics), it will also be from the perspective of man the animal, integrated body and mind, fully animal, fully in possession of a rational consciousness; 100% and 100%; 2+2=6. Synergy.

This decision was also inspired by something that happened this last weekend. Without going into all the details, Bea, I and the dogs spent Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Rancho Cordova, CA, to attend a series of six dog shows, two per day. Our 3-yr-old bitch, Nanuka, was competing in her first and took best female in breed in three of the six shows, and in one instance, best of winners. She’s now considered a champion, and so will compete at the higher level next time. Anyway: I have never witnessed an odder juxtaposition in my life. I have never seen so many hugely fat, grossly obese people in one place. Not 1 in 10 people were even thin or skinny, much less lean. More like 1 in 30, maybe. I’m talking about plenty of people well under six feet tall and well over 250 pounds, many over 300.

And yet…these are people, to a man/woman, who know everything there is to know about how to keep their dogs (animals — they could probably do the same with cats, rabbits, or whatever) looking beautiful, lean, muscular, cut and ripped. The show was sponsored by an American Pit Bull kennel club, and I have never seen such beautiful beasts in my life (and all very mannerly as well).

I just wonder what would happen if they all fully realized that they, too, are animals. In biological terms, fully animal. If you get that, then you get what I intend here. I’ll leave you with a quote, which consitutes another clue.

Thinking is as biologic as is digestion… - Weston A. Price

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  1. Bill on September 4, 2008 at 17:44

    Great name,keep your views and idea's on diet and exercise comming,There very interesting.I keep telling myself it's all about the insulin.

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