Podcast #3 – Tim Steele Talks The Potato Hack And His Book By No Other Name – Weight Loss Simplified


[UPDATE: Get The Free “Adding Resistant Starch to Your Meal Plan for Weight Management” Download.]

While my first interview podcast, #2, had to be with my favorite podcaster, Angelo Coppola, my second had to be with a gentleman with so much influence over me that beginning a little over three years ago he single-handedly changed the direction of this blog.

Blame Tatertot!

He played it well. Me being an ex-Navy officer and him, an ex-Air Force Chief Master Seargent, the highest rank one can attain, I suspect he knew or had a hint that while I’ve seen many officers advance through underhanded political maneuvers, such is not common for the enlisted ranks. Senior enlisted are far more important than senior officers. Anyway, he had immediate Carte Blanche with me and has never disappointed me in gram weight, ever.

It was over three years ago that he dropped a hot potato on this doorstep, and while it hasn’t always been tossing from hand to hand, it’s been pretty prominent, and the resistant starch threads were only just step two. Resistant starch is settled, regarding its benefits. What remains is how people can use potatoes, a whole food highest in resistant starch, can work magic for you.

So listen in, and get his book.

In the podcast, we cover:

  • His background and how he got unhealthy and overweight
  • His VegetablePharm blog
  • His book website, The PotatoHack
  • How various diets—be they low carb, low fat, calorie counting or whatever—get completely washed away with a potato hack
  • How potatoes and other simple and plain foods reset hunger and satiation impulses
  • Alternatives to potatoes, for those who can’t handle them
  • And much more

In the first segment of the show, I give a review of various posts since the last podcast. After the interview, I wax a little poor peasant diet, integrated with geopolitics and heavier wallets. You’ll want to hear the added brilliance.

A note on sound quality. Believe me that I want to make this deal something you want to listen to. I’m a do-it-yourselfer, and while that has limits, I think this is something I can handle. I enjoy it. That said, I’m learning as I go. Of primary importance was getting all pieces in place without worrying too much about sound quality, so long as you can hear it. So, now I’m working on that. Unfortunately, I’d already uploaded the podcast to Soundcloud, which also feeds to iTunes, before I got wind of a tool that levels out various volume issues. So, moving forward, that will always be in play but for this time that enhancement only applies to the YouTube version.

It’s now up in iTunes.

Here’s Soundcloud.

And here’s YouTube.

Hope you enjoy.

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