Thursday Jots & Tittles #6

— Hits & Runs: 4 good things; Dengue fever, killer mosquitoes; Twitter and hate; Sick of it, yet? POTUS PAWNED on White House Lawn; and Much More…

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Greetings from Pratamnak Hill, Chonburi, Thailand, on June 15, 2023.

Things are beginning to surge and hit strides. Four things of note.

  1. I took note of this AI thing about 3 months before it hit mainstream, and now it has, so the sailing is pretty smooth. Lots more members using the 4-versions of ChatGPT-4 I have made available (voice/no voice; connected to the blog/not connected). Good. It’s going to profoundly affect every life on earth, so might as well get used to it and learn how to get beautiful music out of the instrument. That comes with practice.
  2. The new downloads section is going surprisingly well for lead generation (new subscribers to this very list). I even put up a paid one that includes a smokin’ deal to get it. It’s about how to use 4 different AIs, where you deal with only one of them, and it manages the other 3 in order to produce a clean, formatter e-book in a matter of an hour. Two examples, created by moi meme, included. Check it out.
  3. I’ve added a new plugin thingy called Thrive Leads, and it’s super-power in terms of lead generation (again, subscribers to this list). I haven’t even scratched the surface of what can be done, but you’ll know I’m fiddling with it when you happen to see various new things, non-intrusively. One thing it does is by means of cookies. So, if you see a popup, say to subscribe to the list (you won’t see it if you’re logged in as a member), it keeps track of that and won’t bug you again for some number of days (I have it set to 5-7 days, depending on what it’s for). Lot’s of bells and whistles.
  4. I’ve added chicks & children to the rotating banners on the home page to accompany the stoic dudes and animals. Intense, piercing eyes.

One post since Sunday Scribbles

Short Take: What Netflix and Adult-Streaming Did — Bonus: Midjourney Woke promotes LGBT child grooming, but says “rejected” to adult women in bikinis. It’s too weird to explain. But in a nutshell, my thesis is that everything lockdown happened as a result of two genres of the same sort of company. Prove me wrong.

I also did a random video, for those who watch those.

Today’s Hit & Run

1. Dengue fever is no fun at all. Recently, there was an outbreak of about 100 here in a village. Thing is, it’s not transmissible amongst humans. Mosquitoes. Did you know mosquitos are the chief animal killer of humans? Upwards of 1 million per year. Number 2? Freshwater snails, clocking in at about 200,000 deaths. You have to go quite a ways down the list to find the animals everyone yak yaks about. There are 4 VARIANTS!!! of dengue, each with separate natural immunity. I know expats here in Thailand now fully immune, having had all four of them. Never diagnosed, but pretty sure I had it once, about a year ago. In bed 48 hours straight with a fever, weak as eff 2 days more, and in total didn’t eat a bite for over 4 days. Quite a weight loss program. Very effective.

2. Twitter still give fits over “hate.” This kind of stupid shit is just going to keep on happening until Elon realizes that “hate” is subjective, and one person’s “hate speech” or “hateful conduct” is another’s sonnet or clarion call. Even “incitement to violence” is stupid. When that was first encoded into law, it meant IRL, in-person agitation, like stirring up a crowd. It cannot extend to the digital space, because almost any sort of strong opinion can be contrived into incitement of violence if you can find enough people really enthusiastic about whatever the opinion is, one way or the other. It’s a big effen mess.

3. Sick of it, yet? Listen, when a “lifestyle choice” uses the word “pride” to describe itself…over and over… Then insists you affirm it. Then insists all media, corp, and institutions—globally—affirm, celebrate, and Always Remember… It’s not pride being celebrated. It’s shame being covered up. Paul Joseph Watson has a good laughingstock video. What the hell, here’s a 2nd one.

4. Did you see the one about POTUS getting trolled by trannies on the White House lawn? Total laughingstock (again). In case you don’t care to watch it, after saying some stupid shit along the lines of these cross-dressers being the most courageous people he’s ever known, they bared their “breasts,” which equated to dudes with boob jobs and chicks with cosmetic mastectomies. You can’t make this shit up. Well, you could, I suppose, but not the part that includes POTUS, on the White House lawn. Meanwhile, billions of people in more normal countries are quickly getting to the point of just wanting America gone. Seriously. That’s not without a lot of disappointment on their part. For decades, America was that shining thing up on the hill. It’s not perceived that way as widely, anymore. Can’t blame them.

5. I won’t do this each and every week, but Tucker Carlson is up with two more videos. In case you’ve missed them, here’s roughly 30 minutes for your viewing pleasure or disdain: Episode 1; Episode 2; and Episode 3. As of right now, views are 117 million, 58 million, and 88 million, respectively. What was he getting on Fox News, like 3 mil? Plus, you mostly have to watch when it’s airing, which I believe is twice per episode (do people use DVRs anymore?). Now, you watch on your schedule. Plus, you can comment, like, and retweet. That’s all into the stratosphere, too, as you would expect.

6. I’m not finished watching yet and believe it or not, I do have a degree of trepidation including this one. Probably many of you have not really even heard of Andrew Tate, the former 4-time world champion kick boxer, or his brother, Tristan. After spending 96 days in a Romanian jail with no charges being filed, now close to three months under house arrest at their lavish mansion, they got called back into court yesterday. Why? Because of the 6 allegations that were subject of the investigation over “human trafficking,” 5 have been dropped, only one left. You know what the allegations were? That 2 years ago, they set up a criminal enterprise to lure hot chicks to their mansion in Romania, as “cam girls,” and steal money from their OnlyFans accounts. Andrew is worth $330 million and Tristan, $160 million. So, makes perfect sense. There were 400,000!!! people watching the Rumble Live Stream of their “Emergency Meeting.” It’s corn ball as hell, but I find it funny. Rule violation (embedding pics or vids):

7. She kept coming back for more. Most people don’t know how I get so-called followers. In a word: audacity. I go make a jerk of myself in comments somewhere other than my own place, but always on point, always knowing what the fuck I’m talking about, always challenging or taking on ignorance that’s on display. I’ve dabbled in politics and social stuff, but where I shine is in dietary stuff. Vegans somewhat, but mostly, LCers/Keto/Carnivore who have zero idea why and how they actually lose fat (when they do lose fat) and are haughty about their ignorance. Then I destroy them, mercilessly. It began with a here-nor-there reply to a vegan post commenting on Mercola’s switch to a high-carb, low-fat diet. Then there’s this stupid telltale comment, and my reply. That should be enough to see the relatively short thread, but it culminates in this comment, where I explain the what, why, and how…and no, has nothing to do with correcting the ignorance of that one wayward soul.

8. … Sticking with keto for another, my irk is this: every single purveyor of keto out there knows damn well that ketosis is primarily a basic biochemical metabolic response to lack of food. Duh. You don’t eat enough, you start burning fat. Ketone bodies are part of the ensuing fuel—even on a 100% carb diet—and ketones are fine fuel, no doubt about it, and it would make sense that the brain loves them. You need to be smart and sharp when you don’t have enough to eat. Do they tell people this? Usually only in round-about ways, because the message they want to convey is IT’S FUCKING EASY AND MAGIC AND YOU NEVER HAVE TO BE HUNGRY!!! It got so bad (not sure the state it’s in now) that people were doing olive-oil shots, eating cubes of butter, and gulping down liters of “keto juice” so they could produce ketones for a testing device. In other words, the ketones were coming from metabolized dietary fat, or flavored powder in a jar stirred up in water. The ketones were not coming from fat-ass fat.

9. By now we’ve all heard the wailing and noshing of teeth surrounding ChatGPT and other AI bots and language models of various sorts. They’re Woke, and they have a leftist political bias. First, there are physical limitations which, for the time-being, make it rather easy for the Idiot Savants who’ve created it to “keep us safe,” and how that approach is doomed to failure. How do you know it’s doomed to failure? One word: porn. Since the Gutenberg press in 1490-something, then still and motion video cameras well after, authorities on all levels have spared no expense in time, money, and effort to keep you safe. And yet here we are. Porn is more pervasive at this very moment than at any previous time. There are other examples: alcohol, drugs, prostitution, gambling… But those are physical products and services. Porn is information. AI is a disseminator of information.

10. These photos of clay and rock formations in Italy and Austria will knock your socks off. I never knew they existed, nor have I seen these photos before. And they’re a recent phenomenon, only 200 years old. They’re also transient, and new ones are formed as well. I’d show a photo, but I can’t violate my own rule a 2nd time, so you’ll just have to take a look for yourself.

11. Imagine this scenario. You buy an Amazon Echo. That’s Alexa. You hook up your whole house to it…climate control, lighting, entertainment, etc. You’re wired and loving it. “Alexa, set the mood, if you know what I mean…” Then one day, you get another Amazon delivery, the guy thinks he hears RACISSS SLURS!!! coming from inside your house, he reports it, and Amazon cuts off your account…for a week. No, really. To add disappointment to the rage, for me, can you guess what the “defense” was? “[N]o one was home.” Why do people on the right politically always do this fucking stupid thing and concede the premise?

12. Concerned about the potential death sentence you’ve been dealt if you got jabbed by one of the spikes? It’s coming increasingly clear—and the mechanisms have been worked out—that the chief silent killer from that dangerous drug trial is way early death from way turbo cancer. In some cases I’ve heard of, it’s blazingly rapid. Like diagnosis to death in a matter of weeks. But this possible solution makes perfect sense, and it does so from a perspective that many of us are very familiar with: autophagy. Remember when that word was all the rage in the Paleo Daze? Remember what the easiest, most sure way to bring on that bad-protein slice, dice, and sweep up operation? Fasting. Here’s the dope. It so happens that I have a fasting e-book in the works, and it’s what my latest download is about in terms of subject matter (using 4 AIs to get me to 1st draft with references).

13. You can’t make this stuff up. “It’s hard to quite capture the irony of Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert cancelling her novel about Russians living under. . . Stalinism.

“Gilbert claims to have done this in order to placate Ukrainians upset that her new book, The Snow Forest, is set in Siberia, but her self-cancellation is reminiscent of all those who kowtowed to The Orthodoxy in Stalinist Russia and, to an extent, Russia today. Her over-the-top apology, her hypersensitivity to invisible critics, her fear of saying anything someone might object to—all of it echoes the craven prostrations of the Communist Party cog, the apparat, the writer-puppet who toes whatever line they’re told to toe. (The great Soviet writers, like Boris Pasternak and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, grasped that one could not be a writer and a writer in good standing with the vlast—or power—at the same time.)”

Article here. Ridiculous faux-virtue video included. No words from me. Ok, 1 word: moron.

That’s it for this week.

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  1. Greg Bur on June 16, 2023 at 20:09

    I think your AI e-book was the catalyst I needed to really start taking advantage of tools like ChatGPT. I’m already putting the advice into practice. Whether I use it to create and sell e-books, or just as a general research assistant remains to be seen. Regardless, it’s refreshing to see someone promoting the positive aspects of AI instead of peddling the gloom and doom that is becoming all too pervasive.

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