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Unlock the power of your mind as you explore the dynamic interplay between analysis and synthesis. Discover how these twin tools of thought can be used for good or ill, in propaganda or public health campaigns. Delve into the world of storytelling, a universal human phenomenon that engages our emotions and imaginations. Learn from a ‘dot-connecting, synthesizing, polymath’ who harnesses both specialist and generalist thinking to see the bigger picture. This thought-provoking post will challenge you to analyze less, synthesize more, and question everything.

Discover the art of decoding reality and mastering self-reliance in Richard Nikoley’s groundbreaking exploration of integrated honesty. Learn to detect lies with unerring precision, solve problems in innovative ways, and embrace the benefits of becoming a polymath. Nikoley’s ‘114 No-Pill Advantages’ series teaches you to out think authorities, predict the future, and navigate a world of misinformation.

Learn how to predict the future.

I have a project that’s been going on for years that’s a meta-view of the world and how I look at things.

I’m launching that as a series called The 114 No-Pill Advantages.

What Will You Master?

  • You will learn that there is no authority outside yourself, once you are old and competent enough to see to your own requirements for survival.
  • You will learn to detect lies with razor precision; you won’t even have to think much to know lies. As much as everyone practices automatic lying, you’ll become an automatic lie-detector.
  • You will learn to solve problems in very different ways by first filtering out all the lies without prejudice (no keeping your favorite lies), then envisioning a new-paradigm understanding of an integrated, honest whole.
  • You will learn to stop specializing in anything and to ignore specialists first and foremost, but for a source of some information or details that might be useful to you in the broader general picture. You will become a consummate generalist and polymath.
  • You will learn how to “predict the future.” No, not in the ways of entertainers and fortune-tellers, but in ways that must be, simply because of the understandings you have developed and integrated fully into your hierarchy of values.
  • You will learn to practice the dynamic discipline of fully integrated honesty. Or, what I call No-Matrix, No-Pill.
  • You will run circles rationally, logically, analytically, and synthetically around those who profess to be purveyors of “The Truth.” Or, of “The Science.” Many have PhDs and other sheeple-bestowed credentials…bestowed for the sole purpose of creating an illusion of authority where no authority is ever possible, since it is outside yourself.

Outside yourself, there are only facts, information, arguments, and ideas. In short: reality. There is no authority, only reality.

Authority? That’s your job to develop, and it’s called knowledge of reality. The only authority is you, over yourself; how good you are at authoritatively presiding over your own self is determined by what you have honestly integrated about the reality that’s all around you, and what sort of discipline and moral courage you possess over yourself, excluding all other “authority.”

Number 1 is addressed right here, pretty recently. Number 2 is right here. And right here is a perspective treatment on the whole thing:

Beyond Red-Pill.

In fact, the working title of my 114-part series is…


Those will encompass everything, of course; all the foregoing constituting some of the 101 stuff.

Now, the rest of this post focuses in on #3, where you see how easy it is to run circles around any PhDs (in fact, easier than a tatted biker dude sporting his cut…and if you don’t understand why, then you sorely need me more than you can even grasp).

First, a little story. Last night I was in a lounge bar I frequent, which is about the only one. I went out a few times with one of the bartenders back in 2020 before moving to Phuket. She’s still there, so I go in every week or two for a little chat and catch up.

In walks these two rough-looking dudes. Heavily tatted, late 30s or early 40s; very fit. They obviously hit the gym with regularity. Both are sporting their cuts from some MC club.

Very gentlemanly, they both introduced themselves to me as brothers who had recently retired and moved here from…California! So we’re off on that alone. Most expat dudes you meet are Euro and older, 50s and up. They’d been living in Phuket the last 8 months and had just recently, like me, relocated to Jomtien, Pattaya area. They had been living in Patong, the part of Phuket that can be touristically hellish, and I only take it in small, infrequent doses. (It’s a far cry from what it was like in 1988 and 89 when I first visited…a dead-end dirt road with six beer bars, manned by bar-girls who could kick your ass in Connect Four in their sleep.)

So after all the obligatory formalities and such, the c-subject somehow came up, and I could tell instantly they weren’t fans.

You know what they told me?

“We knew it was a bullshit scam from day 1.”

Where have you heard that before?

That was pretty cool because I had just come from my weekly, Sunday-evening meetup with my old-guy American expat friends over at Mike’s Mexican (good and authentic, except only pickled jalapeños), and my friend Doug had a friend of his visiting from US who’s a PhD pharmacologist…a PharmD I think they’re called. Anyway, I have to sit there and listen to the guy’s regurgitated vomit because all the other ignoramuses are asking him questions because he’s an AUTHORITY!!!

It was fucking pathetic and embarrassing.

It’s like listening to the WHO and CDC in the spring of 2021. And, of course, my ignorant friends don’t know a shit-from-Shinola difference because all they’re all doing is playing a massive game of Chinese Whispers or Telephone, along with the whole rest of the dumb-ass sheepleverse.

I gotta tell ya, Doug, the stuff your pharmacologist friend was spouting last evening about Covid and the vaccines sounds like CDC early 2021. Laughable.

Why I didn’t say much of anything.

My curse of knowledge.

I’m in this stuff every single day, and have been for years.

He clearly doesn’t keep current.

DM to my friend the next day

And if that wasn’t enough, it was only an hour or two prior to this that I got this “great” news. He was my same age, 62.

The mutual friends I messaged concerning Arnaud all think it’s the vaxx. Everyone is scared, nobody is saying much. One other guy I know, also 62, says he hasn’t been the same since the jabs and wakes up every morning tired as fuck.

The rumblings are increasing in volume and as I’ve been saying for well over 2 years since the first massive uptick in vaccine injury data began showing up, this cannot be contained.


Because it’s not only that you can’t cheat death, you can’t fake it, either…and when you’re having upwards of 10, 15, even 20% excess all-cause mortality that begins in early 2021, and it’s only happening in highly vaxxed countries, and it’s not happening in low-vaxx countries—like most of “dumb, mud-hut dwelling” Africa—it can only be one single precise thing, and it’s because everyone knows why it is that everyone is lying about it or ignoring it.

But they can’t ignore it. It’s going to get worse.

I got that chart from Jeff Childers’ most recent Coffee & Covid. I dropped a couple of comments.

This one:

In 2021 I said it would get worse, not better; reason being that I was more focussed on the immune-system compromise than myocarditis.

In the end, these jabs will have murdered millions of life years. Tens of millions.

It will be the worst genocide in history.

By light years.

That got a bunch of “likes,” including by Jeff himself. So then this additional comment on my part.

I was on it all from day 1, having been a blogger-influencer previously in health matters (diet and weight loss), so I knew how to evaluate medical/health stuff and I knew how big corp influences messages and how these bogus health narratives get advanced and propped up (with fear, mostly…it’s all negative messaging).

I had just moved to Thailand from USA (Jan 2020), got covid right off (I came here via China), but shrugged it off like a moderate cold (I’ve had worse hangovers).

I immediately detected that it was potentially deadly on two fronts, primarily:

1. Getting low-hanging fruit. We’d had some years of less-than-average all-cause mortality, so there were lots of folks “past their due date.” There had not been a bad, high-mortality flu season in some years.

2. Co-morbidities in the younger set, primarily obesity and diabetes…and what are two of the West’s prime health problems now? It’s almost like this thing was doing its natural job to hold people accountable for their unnatural ways. Whether you chalk that up to God or nature, the end result if the same. You cannot fool mother nature indefinitely.

So, I never had a gram of fear. I resisted all measures and I passed on the jab. Where once I was laughed at by expats here who lined up, now they are quite silent. Just had another mutual friend, very healthy, lean guy, drop-dead out of the blue on the 4th. I know other expats who have never felt the same since they got the jabs. I don’t know a single Westerner who doesn’t regret it. Thais? Well, there’s the “90-IQ problem,” there…

Anyway, back in March 2020 when I began blogging about it dutifully, my biggest thing was looking for all-cause mortality numbers. There was excess, but every year has some excess due flu and pneumonia, and what we were seeing was no worse than a “bad flu year,” and plus, numbers on flu and pneumonia dropped off a cliff, as though covid prevents flu and pneumonia.

I began calling the whole thing “Impeachment 2.0,” if you know what I mean, and the 2020 election fiasco and the vermin occupying the White House plays right along with the whole synthesized script. I’m a dot-connecting, synthesizing polymath, not an analyst/specialist. I begin with general observations amongst disparate things.

Fast-forward to the jabs, and everything is just playing right along with the whole script, like clockwork. My prediction rate for the future was near 100%. It was easy to see what was coming.

As for the jabs, I was looking for total all-cause mortality early on in 2021 and found it. Add to that the news coming in from undertakers and insurance companies, data and testimony that can’t be faked. You can’t cheat death, and you can’t fake it, either. So many [specialists] focus on all this beside-the-point stuff, but the real data is the 10-20% excess mortality across highly-jabbed countries, combined with no such thing in “under-jabbed” countries, like across Africa.

Anyway, I ended up writing 98 posts about the whole thing and I challenge anyone to find anything I was materially wrong about, in hindsight. The difference is, I was seeing it for what it was and was going to be, in real time and foresight.

… Back to my story, my newfound young American friends talked about all of this; we were in same-page city.

Then I ask one of them, “you wanna know what Covid taught me?”

… And he stops me, saying, “it taught me that ‘education’ is bullshit… I paid for my son’s bachelors and my daughter’s masters, and they’re both idiots now. There are some things we just don’t talk about, anymore.”

So now I’ll move on to what the core and fundamental difference in thinking is, in another 4,000 words of the meat of it. The process, the methodology; and incidentally, it’s something Einstein used to stress as a shortcoming he found amongst so many of the so-called elite minds.

I’ll just illustrate it, first.

It’s really that simple. Everyone and his brother tries to be an analyst. They teach you to analyze (deconstruct and examine). People write papers and dissertations on some form of analysis, and much of it is crap.

As often as anything, they aren’t even analyzing the best thing (asking the right question).

You have to be a good synthesizer to know what the right question(s) is. The analyzer asks, “what are all the constituent parts or elements this question breaks down into, and what can we learn by critically examining each of them?”

The synthesizer looks at a bunch of shit, seemingly with no obvious relationship to one-another, nor as he would necessarily prefer anything to be, and asks, what’s the thing(s) that must be true for all this shit to exist like this?

I decided to go over and have a chat with GPT-4 and I use my OpenAI subscription instead of the Zon many of you members are familiar with, only because I can provide a link to the whole conversation.

Now, observe how I use AI as a tool, because I can synthetically see and describe the forest—where so many with so-called advanced intellects give you endless analyses of the odd trees here and there. So, I’m giving you a lesson by way of example right here, incorporated and integrated.

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