The Occam’s Razor Covid Conspiracy That’s True

All The Elements Were All Around Us The Whole Time and Now They Come Together

Never you mind. I’m on a roll. I’m just enjoying setting aside so much trouble and effort so I can simply get down to what I do best: getting aggravated or ah-ha’ed and writing about it quickly.

I was going to include this as the final part of the last post because the in last post as originally contrived…it fit. Then I went off into the weeds and it didn’t fit so much anymore, so here it is all by itself.

I’m on an email list of a pretty upscale and heady publication that does serious stuff only…quite unlike me. Add to that, I’m no putz in the annals of Covidiocy. As I’ve mentioned a million times, I called it from day 1, wrote nearly a hunerd posts on it, and I can’t find anything much wrong about any of them. Even wild ass, stick-my-dick-out speculations have largely turned out to be true.

One of the things I called very early was that the jabs would…

  1. Be an unmitigated disaster
  2. Have long-term bad consequences from compromised immune systems (AIDS light)

Both are true, and in terms of #2, it ain’t get’n any better. Here’s a linked listing of all 98 posts I wrote in the heat of battle. No, I don’t expect you to read them all (no paywalls). But you’re welcome to look at the titles and spot-check me if you like. If you find anything you think I was wrong about, please let me know.

How did I call it so early and easily? I paid really close attention to what embalmers and actuaries were saying in early 2021. They’re the boots on the ground for early warning and what they were saying, without prompting to say anything, was writing on the wall in huge capital letters…in blood.

I did not partake much in the conspiracy theories (Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Finance, the Green New Deal, the CCP, Depopulation, Get Trump, Mail-In Ballots, and so on…all with plausible evidence). The one exception was Get Trump. Early on, I called the whole destroy-the-economy Covid Lockdown push Impeachment 2.0. But one thing didn’t add up. I could surely see America and Western Europe (NATO, essentially) wrecking their shit to oust Trump, but here where I live, in Thailand? I could kinda sorta whittle away at the square peg of that on the auspices that Thailand’s initial response in 2020 seemed more going through motions to placate the farangs. But then there were countries in the region taking shit deadly serious like the Philippines and Vietnam and, while heavily influenced and controlled by Western powers in the past, had been calling their own shots for a while.

So I could never really take that get-Trump theory more than tongue-in-cheek reference like. That’s all changed now. There are no new pieces to the puzzle. They simply now fit perfectly and elegantly, presenting a simple, Occam’s Razor picture.

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