Butt-Kicking Leg Day at the Gym — 62 Years Old

— Unlocking the Power of Command: A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Transformation, Fitness Optimization, and Emotional Control

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Part of the Physical Culture: Gym, Diet, Fasting (PC:GDF) 15-Year Sequence

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The Introduction — Unleash Your Command: A Revolutionary Approach to Self-Improvement, Fitness, and Relationships that Transforms Men into Respected Leaders.

The Practice — Your Inner Warrior: A Journey through the Realities of Fitness, Diet, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

The X-variable in the title is because I don’t know the number yet, since I’m curating 400+ posts down into the most relevant (300-ish most likely) and numbering them in sequence as I go, plus adding the linked titles to the previous and next in the series for each post. Big job. Here’s the index, in descending order, which makes more sense with this many posts and so many years in play.

I changed the series featured-image up top. Why? Because the “unlikely” image you see up top is my daily reality at Muscle Factory, Pattaya, just 800 meters down the street from me.

So the other reason I changed it is that I love to trigger excuse-making, fat, ugly, entitled, and abusive women nobody has the slightest desire to fuck, ever…they know it…and they make your life miserable in every possible way because of it—rather than simply deprogramming themselves, taking mouth responsibility (what goes in/out), and getting themselves hot and desirable again, which is prerequisite for ceasing the cunty attitude towards men and perfecting the classic and age-old seductive and alluring techniques that imply respect towards men, their gatekeeper status, and the natural give-&-take exchange.

Men: not only never waste a second with such cunts: kick them to the curb immediately, with prejudice. There is no fucking reason in the world to ever tolerate abusive, nagging, cunty chick behavior.

I’m sayin’…because it’s the truth.

That said, men, you have to do your part. If you’re a low-T, virtue-signalling, white knighting beta-simp with a soy, soda, and weed habit, knock that pussy-ass shit off. Now. Today.

And above all? Stop going online in social media and showing what a little schoolmarm weak-ass bitch you are… Today. Not another fucking post, comment, reply, or react in that regard.

To command the respect of women, you must be respectable and since we’re males, and that’s inherently competitive, the bar of respectability is very high—and you should demand nothing less…or you’re a worthless pussy, and maybe she should treat you like a little bitch.

DOWNLOAD: I Raised My Testosterone By 40% In A Year With No Drugs Or Special Supplements

… Male and female-like organisms alike revel in characterizing that featured image up top as all about money. That’s because they’re all too lazy and stupid to grasp how lazy and stupid they are…so they remain ignorant of the female hypergamy in play and how it really works.

There are an endless number of old, pot-belied rich dudes—[s]expats and tourists—for any hot bar wench, freelancer, or office worker here to keep herself occupied and showered with attention and gifts if it’s only about the money; and for a great number of them, that’s what it’s about, and they’re masters at turning men into ATMs—to the tune of millions of baht (1 million baht = $35K).

Every guy has a story (or two, or three).

… A Brit expat at my former gym says to me, “my first one cost me 3 million, the second, only 2 million…so I’m improving…”

The point is, you can “be in charge,” or you can Be Commanding. That download, above, while in the template of me, an expat in Thailand chasing around the same 20-sumthin’s I did here and in the Philippines when in my 20s, but who’re now they’re in their late 50s and 60s—I’ve “moved on”—is really about how this unlikely laboratory—in a very different sort of culture that allows it—reveals to you what women are really all about in a frank, honest, and rather enchanting way. To a large extent, it demystifies them.

… But you’re welcome to keep self-deprecating and virtue-signalling—”bragging”—about how you can’t figure women out. Maybe you prefer the child-like fantasy ideal to the hard reality that, once understood through relentless ass-busting effort, can be commanded?

Would you go around “bragging” about how you can’t for the life of you figure out the company you work for, your co-workers…or, if you have a company yourself…your employees and customers?


So stop that shit, get on the ball, bust ass, and just get it done. But you have to deprogram yourself.

FREE DEPROGRAMMING DOWNLOAD: The No-Pill Advantages Course Brochure (114 Lessons)

To deprogram yourself requires one single thing first and foremost: coming to grips with the very hard, fast, certain, and objective reality that 1) you are programmed, and 2) that it is entirely rooted in fear of everything you don’t know because you haven’t seen it with your own eyes.

Think about #2 a bit.

Think about the stuff you have seen with your own eyes that you have fear, trepidation, or serious caution about. Are those feelings and judgments rational? I’ll bet that you say “yea, pretty rational.”

Why? Because those feelings and judgments are based on your own exclusive authority…your own senses, integration, and rational thinking. You have naturally applied risk/reward to your own values. Some things scare you that don’t scare others, and vice versa, because you each hold different values.

Now, think about the hosts upon endless piles of abject bullshit you have not ever seen or experienced 1st hand before—only heard-tell about…maybe fed see-and-sound bites—that you have drummed up fear and trepidation about…and because you do, you become a useless and pathetic junkie-addict, always seeking your next fix of “information,” of which there is none, or not much, because it’s either a complete scam or hyped-up bullshit to the max, for max profits for whomever is running the con.

I’ll repeat Mencken, again: “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed—and hence clamorous to be led to safety—by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

… So to round out this meandering introduction, a lot is connected and integrated that you’re not seeing.

But it’s all related, and COMMAND is the key that unlocks both understanding, and the prosperity in all things that comes from it. Command requires deprogramming, critical thinking in that new, deprogrammed, wide-open-ended paradigm, and the physical, ass-busting effort, so that your [new] body is integrated with your [new] mind.

There is no better scorecard for all of that than how you command the most fundamental relationship you will ever have: that most intimate relationship with the opposite sex.

(… And by opposite, I mean that: homosexuals need not apply. Go have your fun, whatever, but this is wholly inapplicable to you, and you cannot fake it by “identifying” as a different chromosome-pair than you are. Fucking period.)

… And by command, I’m talking gender-neutral here. Men have their spheres of command, so do women. For either or both to command in their respective spheres requires the utmost level of respect on the part of the opposite sex; certainly within the confines of an intimate relationship, but also and very importantly, in the courting stages leading up to entering into such a relationship.

The world is awash near globally with mutual disrespect, of everyone disrespecting everyone else…and even within their own ranks and cliques, increasingly.

Want to guess where mutual respect is uncharacteristically (or, actually, classically and normally) very high and persists?

The exact place where I have chosen to call my home with not only no regrets, but with embrace. Here’s a 93-year-old British mini-film (from 1930) I stumbled upon last night. It is remarkable and wholly charming how very conservative this country is, little really changing much fundamentally and essentially in all these decades…and you know what? You would never see a bargirl or a ladyboy showing disrespect for any of this. You will find them showing respect for their unchanging culture at the nearest temple, though.

This whole thing is worth the watch if only for the scenes at the end of the military and its hundreds of trained elephants. It’s awesome. Thailand for the Thai people. God and Buddha, keep it that way.

So increasingly, I’ve found myself in a situation where, dumping the booze and working my ass off, both in this business and now, in the gym, and on diet, and on fasting, just has stuff falling “magically” into place right and left for me.

… And guess where it shows most.

In the 30-year-old and her two daughters, 13 and 12…very key and critical ages. There may be more news about that on the personal front pretty soon.

For now, let’s just say that I am COMMANDING much newfound respect all over that familial relationship. And that display of respect has, in turn, resulted in enhanced understandings and such on my part.

So go get yourself deprogrammed, then hit the gym, diet, and fast. While you’re at it, learn and engage The Formula. It works with all women, all age disparities or parities, all cultures, all religions, and worldwide.

But, men: it doesn’t work on cunts; and anyway, this is about molding yourself into a commanding man of the highest level of earned respect…not about trying to change a chick you have the hots for; look elsewhere. Be a sober, serious, ass-busting man in all things. You won’t believe how it will pay off.

Women: if he’s a little virtue-signalling bitch, trying to get into your pants by acting like a chick, look for a man. You’ve got girlfriends and gay friends already.

OK, wow, much longer intro than anticipated. It was to introduce my newest video, where you actually see me in action for leg-day at the gym where I do a total of 47,500 pounds of total volume (weight lifted in all sets and reps, added up) in about an hour.

Now onto:

  1. An overview of the whole method-to-the-madness of big-gym-big-food for 4 days, followed by a 2-3-day zero-calorie fast.
  2. A preview of the current video in production over 3 days of fasting following this week’s gym work and high-protein (moderate fat and carb) eating and how I’m going to be boosting the fat blasting while in a rested state for gaining lean mass. Also, how the video will be aired for members (not YouTube).
  3. A preview of next week’s three additional videos covering the other workouts (push, pull, press). Same airing.
  4. A preview of the final video (so 4 more in total) that will cover all food over the course of the 4 ass-busing gym days.
  5. I’m planning on starting testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) next week, pending lab tests, and what that’s all about, and even a video demonstration.

Note: I would not advocate TRT for men under about 50 unless there is an abnormal medical condition that calls for it (consult an applicable doc specialist). Diminishing T as you age is part nature’s programming, part diet, part body comp, part environment, part experiences including sexual, and part mental (I believe). But the important thing is that T is WAY more about the total man than just about packing on lean mass, shifting the lean/fat balance to prefer an overall and baseline lean you. Or, about hardwood.

I’ve dabbled in three gold-standard supplements the last month (I’ll show them, below) for raising T naturally, and the experience is convincing for me, and took about 3 weeks to be sure, then it got way sure. Way convincing. Bluntly: I believe low-T is what is turning the males in all the modern Western countries on earth into a bunch of cunty, chick-enacting, emotional little bitches. I’ll address that application to me, below.

By this time new week you’ll know exactly what I am doing, will see it in action, will see how it works and will work, and you will go ah-ha… I can do this, I can do it myself, and I can have better things to do than spend hours per week keeping tabs on the latest in bro science (and maybe, even a lot of other stupid, go-nowhere shit, too, like Mencken talks about).

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