Western Hegemony Crumbles; Miracle Honey; and Weight-Loss Increases What?

The Swagger #17 – Tuesday Big Issue

Greetings from hot hot hot, humid humid humid, and still still still Pattaya where my focus has been stress-testing my own unique workout matrix. Details here, here, and here. But I warn you. Most everything having to do with health, diet, fitness, and body composition is marketed to catch the widest swath of those markets, and that’s the 90% or so looking for easy, magical, low-effort, cushy, effortless, and unearned results and rewards. People will pay big money for sweet lies and next to nothing for the hard truth.

I have the audacity to market the hard-truth honestly, aiming to interest those extremely rare breed of folks, rarer than unicorns, who choose to do the hard thing because it’s hard.

… Big issue today.

1. Western Hegemony Crumbling; Putin is Not Wrong. Imagine having to come to the realization that your own children are really bad. You live in denial about it for years. Nobody dare say anything. Their goodness is an unquestionable, unassailable, absolute truth. Or, the inverse. You’re the kids, and you have to finally admit that your parents are just fucking evil.

2. Honey is Truly a Miracle and It Just Saved My Mom’s Life; Not Hype. In January, many know I returned to USA for the first time in 4 years. I did so to see my mom “for the last time.” She suffers from pyoderma gangrenosum and it was big, bad, huge, and getting worse. Over a year suffering. Dozens of docs, thousands in meds (the last one being a $3,000 per month co-pay). Then a “lowly” home-care nurse says, “oh, that needs honey.” Bingo! I’ve assembled tons of links and research.

3. Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, and Zepbound are The New Miracles, But Their Expense Creates Disparity? Envy politics, of course. “Poor” people “can’t afford it,” so it’s bad. Right. But is that the whole story? No. It’s not.

The message is simple. If you generally or mostly like the content I’ve been writing nearly every day for 20 years here, then pay to be a member. If you don’t, no worries. You’re welcome back any time. Up to you.

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