Health, Diet and Weight Loss

Embark on a no-nonsense journey to optimal health with in the Health, Diet, and Weight Loss Section. Here, Richard leads the charge against dietary dogma, championing Fasting as a weapon against the excesses of modern life. Uncover the hidden perils of Grains, Iron, and Food Enrichment, and delve into the Gut Bug Book for a gut-wrenching revelation. Embrace the primal power and some downsides of Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Carnivore diets, or discover My Easy Way to Dump Alcohol and sober up to reality. Flex your muscles in Physical Culture with Gym and Diet wisdom that scoffs at the mainstream. Get resistant to the BS with the Resistant Starch — Potato Hack, and fine-tune your body with strategic Supplements. Aim for peak nutrition with Target Protein — Cooking and Recipes, and cut through the pandemic pandemonium with The Covidiocy. This is where health meets intellect, minus the sugar-coating and plus the meat – literally.